[SPOILER] Returns on 'Gotham'

WARNING: Major spoilers ahead for the latest episode of Gotham! Continue reading at your own risk...

After being absent from the show since Season 1, Tommy Elliot finally returned to Gotham in Thursday's newest episode, "A Day in the Narrows."

Elliot is a popular character in the Batman comics, as he grows up to become the terrifying villain Hush. Throughout childhood however, Tommy and Bruce were close friends.

His first appearance on Gotham was a bit different than his comic counterpart, as he was a bully to Bruce, and it got him a punch to the face. When Bruce and a much older Tommy met in this week's episode, the boy addressed their past, telling Bruce that it was no big deal. Throughout the rest of the episode, the two seemed like they were becoming good friends. This could lend itself to the Hush storyline in the comics, as the buddies are eventually turned against one another after they become adults.

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Not only has Tommy grown up since his last appearance on Gotham, but he also looks extremely different, due to the fact that the character has been recast. The young Cole Vallis played Elliot when he first appeared. Now, he's been replaced by Gordon Winarick.

Gotham airs on Thursday nights at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.

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