The Flash Races Through 'Justice League' "Speed Force" Trailer

The promotional onslaught for the new Justice League movie is well underway, and now fans are starting to learn more about the legendary DC Comics heroes coming together.

Though the character is currently in the midst of his third season on The CW, fans will get a new version of The Flash for the big screen, and a new TV spot offers some glimpses of the effects-heavy Speed Force.

The trailer focuses on Barry Allen's meta abilities, showing some new looks at the Scarlet Speedster's quick pace.

The bright blue lightning effects provide a distinct visual separation from that of the TV show, making it clear that we're getting a very different version of the character in cinemas.

Fan reactions to early screenings are trending positively, and the light hearted tone compared to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Man of Steel seems to be one of the factors.

Warner Bros. executives are keen on Ezra Miller's humorous take on the Flash, and are considering him to be the breakout character of the film. Based on this early reaction, Warner Bros. Pictures Group president Toby Emmerich said the development of the Flashpoint movie is a priority.

Emmerich also indicated that the Flash solo movie is close to locking down a director, and should see the greenlight to move forward soon.

All in all, everything is coming up Flash. The character has a popular iteration on The CW, and will soon make a major splash in the DC Films universe alongside Batman and Wonder Woman. Saving the world is just the next step.

It would be a shame if he did something to screw it up like, say, go back in time to stop his mom from being murdered and re-write history to the point where the world is plunged into an endless war between Atlanteans and Amazons? Just a thought…

Justice League premieres in theaters on November 17.

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