'Justice League' Stars on Where Green Lantern Is

Fans are eager to find out if Justice League actually contains a Green Lantern, and the stars of the movie were asked point blank about his inclusion.

During their international press tour Ben Affleck (Batman), Ray Fisher (Cyborg), and Jason Momoa (Aquaman) were all asked what the plans are for Green Lantern. In Affleck's case, he wouldn't confirm if he is in Justice League, but he did offer up something else. "Green Lantern is, uh, in, he's doing his own solo movie! (laughs)."

Affleck answered a question by teasing something else. Not bad Affleck, not bad.

Ray Fisher and Jason Momoa were asked about Green Lantern next, and while Momoa decided to remain quiet on the subject, Fisher has no idea what you're talking about. "Where's the Green Lantern? I've never even heard of that," Fisher said. "I don't even know what that is."

Well, it seems like they are just intent on not spoiling the surprise if there is a surprise to spoil. All reports tend to point towards there actually being one though, it just isn't known to what extent.

Actor Armie Hammer has teased a Green Lantern role in the DC cinematic universe for some time now, with Superman Henry Cavill only feeding those rumors at various times. Then Umberto Gonzoles of Heroic Hollywood reported that it wouldn't stop at one Green Lantern.

“In Justice League, there will be not one Green Lantern, but two Green Lanterns,” Gonzales said live on Periscope. “Let’s see if it sticks and they keep them in or if they cut it out.”

The most recent indication of a Green Lantern presence came from the studio itself, in collaboration with The Big Bang Theory no less. A recent contest had fans spin a wheel for a chance to win a trip to the Justice League premiere. Each slot had a hero's logo on it, but one of the logos was a Green Lantern logo, and that stands out as odd since, you know, they haven't announced the character or a casting yet.

Odds are this all adds up to some sort of appearance from the Green Lantern Corps, but fans will just have to wait and see. The good news is that they don't have to wait much longer, as Justice League hits theaters on November 17th.

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