Black Canary and Superman Crossed Paths Way Before the Arrowverse

Long before Superman and the Black Canary were beloved supporting characters in the Arrowverse, they shared the small screen on another popular teen drama.

Before The CW actually became The CW, it was called The WB, and it played home to the long-running drama series 7th Heaven. It was on that series where fans got to see Superman and Black Canary meet for the first time, only they didn't know it yet.

Tyler Hoechlin, who eventually landed the role of Superman on CW's Supergirl, played a character named Martin Brewer on 7th Heaven, and his 62 episode run on the series culminated with his marriage to Ruthie Camden. A couple of seasons before that however, he ran into Katie Cassidy.

Cassidy, who is now widely known for her role as Laurel Lance/Black Canary on Arrow, had a small arc of just a few episodes on 7th Heaven during Season 9, back in 2005. In an episode titled "Leap of Faith," Cassidy's Zoe met Martin face to face.

7th heaven arrowverse

The scene may not have been all that important at the time, but fans of the Arrowverse are swooning over it now. Both Superman and Black Canary have garnered very loyal followings during their time in the Arrowverse, making this flashback pre-union all the more exciting.

Supergirl returns to The CW on January 15, while Arrow will find its way back three days later, on January 18.

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