Exclusive 'The Flash' Clip: Elongated Man Discovers A New Power

The CW has provided ComicBook.com with an exclusive preview from "True Colors," tonight's episode of The Flash.

In the clip, Team Flash is dealing with a crisis when Elongated Man enters the picture and inadvertently provides them an idea for resolution...by revealing a heretofore-unknown power. That's handy, since with Barry in prison, Ralph has to shoulder a lot of the Team Flash burden.

The episode centers around Amunet Black, played by Battlestar Galactica standout Katee Sackhoff, and her relationship to Iron Heights Penetentiary Warden Wolfe, played by Law & Order veteran Richard Brooks.

In the series, Warden Wolfe is the hard-nosed guardian of Iron Heights Prison, Warden Wolf relishes using the physical and psychological means at his disposal to control his prisoners… especially the super-powered inmates held in the facility’s Meta-Human Wing.

In the comics, Wolfe hates the inmates passionately, and is dedicated to ensuring they do not escape - not just for the safety of the general public, but to make the lives of his prisoners, particularly the 'Rogues' who have faced the various heroes called the Flash over the years, utterly miserable. He is keen to ensure that prisoners with particularly powerful metahuman abilities are kept in such a way that they cannot escape, and he simply does not care if this also causes them physical or psychological pain. His attitude has earned him a degree of contempt from police and the Flash, but they accept his authority due to the necessity of keeping the Rogues contained.

You can check out the clip above. The official synopsis for "True Colors" is below.

After hearing that Amunet (guest star Katee Sackhoff) has struck a deal to buy all of the metahumans in Iron Heights, Barry (Grant Gustin) must decide if he should expose his powers in order to save his cellmates.

After a visit from an old friend, Ralph (guest star Hartley Sawyer) is reminded of his shady past and wonders if he’s really a changed man.

Tara Nicole Weyr directed the episode written by Jonathan Butler & Gabriel Garza.

The Flash airs on Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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