'Arrow' Recap With Spoilers: "Doppelganger"

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(Photo: The CW, DC Entertainment)

"Doppelganger" starts with Thea walking into Oliver's office with his attorney. Oliver's attorney reveals that with Cayden James done, the prosecutors don't have a case against Rene, and in turn, they won't have a case against Oliver. Oliver's attorney thinks the prosecutor won't have a choice but to dismiss the charges against Oliver.

Black Siren goes to the police station, where reporters gather to ask her questions. She's asked whether or not Oliver is the Green Arrow, and she doesn't respond to the reporter's questions.

Oliver pulls Siren aside and questions her about the money. Siren says when she went to clear it all out from the bank, it was already gone, and she speculates either Ricardo Diaz or Anatoly got to it before she did.

Siren reveals to Oliver, Thea, and Lance that in an effort to protect herself, she's going to play along with the Laurel Lance shtick. She blackmails the group into playing along with her. If they don't, she'll reveal Oliver's identity to the press.

Dinah walks into her boss's office and asks to be put on the Laurel Lance reappearance case. Curtis goes to Rene's apartment to talk to his daughter. He tells her about her father being injured.

Oliver, his attorney, and the prosecutor are meeting with the judge to talk about the charges against Oliver. While arguing for dismissal, Oliver and his attorney are shocked the prosecution has another witness besides Rene: Roy Harper.

Oliver and Thea go back to Arrow HQ to talk about their next move with Felicity and Diggle. Oliver pushes his team to try and find Roy's whereabouts, so they can question him about what he knows.

Lance, who's there to protect his daughter's doppelganger from Dinah. visits Siren in the hospital.

Dinah stands watch outside of the room, questioning a doctor. The doctor tells Dinah that she pronounced Laurel dead and sent her body to the morgue for an autopsy.

Dinah wants to question Siren, and when her and Lance go back into the room, they discover that she's been taken by a cop. Outside, we see Siren being hauled off to Ricardo Diaz's hideout.

Oliver and Diggle have pinpointed Roy's whereabouts and go to scope the location out.

Laurel's taken to speak with Diaz but is instead greeted by Anatoly. Siren tries convincing the Russian that Diaz has had his own agenda this whole time.

Oliver and Diggle go back to Arrow HQ to suit up, and while there, Thea convinces her brother to let her go with. Oliver and Thea head out to Roy's location, where two of Diaz's corrupt police officers are torturing him, trying to convince him to testify.

The corrupt cops leave, and Thea sneaks into the room to free Roy. She cuts him free, and the two kiss. Diggle and Felicity call into Thea to let her know the Star City SWAT team has converged on the location and to tell her she needs to leave.

Unwilling to leave Roy, Thea tries staying behind, but is dragged away by her brother.

The group rendezvous back at HQ, and Diggle reveals that they're moving Roy to a new safehouse, but he's not sure where.

At the police department the next day, Oliver informs Lance and Dinah that Felicity found out the Star City Police Department has covered up the murder of Cayden James. He tells them that several members of the police department are on Diaz's payroll.

After finding out several of her coworkers are corrupt, Dinah agrees to help Oliver and Lance to out those officers who are on Diaz's payroll.

Anatoly takes Siren to talk to Diaz. Siren reveals that Anatoly told her that Diaz has a plan to take over control of the city.

Team Arrow finds out that Diaz's men are transferring Roy, and Oliver and Thea go to stop the transport van. When they get there to stop it, they find out they've been duped, and the transport van is empty. Roy is already at Diaz's hideout.

Diaz starts getting upset that Roy isn't cooperating and threatens to harm Thea.

Lance and Dinah are working on the police corruption case when there's a knock on the door — it's Black Siren. She says she's returned to tell them about Ricardo Diaz.

Oliver's talking to Thea, trying to reassure her that they'll find and save Roy.

Team Arrow meets at Lance's place, where Siren tells them all of Diaz's plan to take over the city. Siren reveals that Roy has been taken to an abandoned casino in a run-down part of the city. Oliver calls Diggle to tell him, and the team suits up to go find him.

Oliver, Thea, and Diggle descend on the casino, and the trio argue on whether to capture Diaz or save Roy. Oliver says they'll make both options their primary objective. Oliver takes out two guards outside, and alerted by their presence, Diaz orders his henchmen to move Roy once again.

The trio tracks down Diaz, but they're ambushed by a group of heavily armed henchmen.

Felicity warns the team that one of Diaz's cops alerted the rest of the police department, and squads of officers have been sent to the casino.

Thea tracks down Diaz outside, and she's soon joined by her brother. The two are able to stop him, with Thea saving Roy and Oliver leaving Diaz behind for the cops to find.

They take Roy back to Arrow HQ, and they diagnose him with a few broken ribs.


Oliver goes to the Lance household to talk to Black Siren. He thanks her for not setting Team Arrow up by telling them to go to the casino. Oliver leaves, and Siren's phone buzzes, it's a text from Diaz. He tells her "good work."

Thea and Roy go back to her place, and start getting intimate. Outside the window, we see a member of the League of Assassins spying on the pair.