'Legends of Tomorrow': SPOILER Dies in "Amazing Grace"

Tonight, the Legends said goodbye to a loved one who, while not officially a member of the team, had their own special place on the Waverider.

Spoilers for tonight's episode of Legends of Tomorrow, "Amazing Grace", below.

Tonight's episode saw the untimely passing of Axl, Mick Rory's (Dominic Purcell) beloved pet rat. Early in the episode, Axl played an important role in notifying the Legends of another major anachronism when the name on his dish suddenly changed from Axl (presumably for Guns N Roses lead singer Axl Rose) to "Josh Groban." This change, along with the renaming of Guitar Hero as "Trombone Hero" and Nate no longer having his hair pomade clued the team into an issue that prevented rock and roll hitting the mainstream.

The team then goes to 1954 Memphis to fix things only to discover that Elvis Presley's guitar is actually the home of a totem, making the King of Rock and Roll a totem bearer. While the team briefly secures the guitar, the process results in Axl accidentally being released from his cage. While Mick later finds Axl, it's unfortunately too late. The rat had consumed a greenish fluid from a test tube and died. However, Mick gets a tender opportunity to say goodbye to Axl. Even though Ray (Brandon Routh) holds a small funeral for Axl, it's Elvis' music raising ghosts that allows Mick to have his final goodbye. The pair share a sweet moment over a sandwich before Axl goes on to the great rat beyond.

For those who have been watching the show for a while, Axl has shown up a couple of times on Legends as the rat living on the Waverider. Specifically, in the second season episode "Turncoat", Gideon shuts off the life support systems of the Waverider so she can use the power to try to find a then-missing Rip Hunter (Arthur Darvill). As part of the plan to get the power back on in the ship, Ray works his way through the ducts of the ship to flip the switch on a breaker and is chased by a rat in the process. Ray ends up giving the rat to Mick during their post-mission Christmas party.

At the close of the episode, the show pays tribute to Axl's brief time with the team in a sweet, touching montage of the rat's best moments which you can watch in the video above. Rest in peace, Axl.

As for Mick, however, losing Axl may prove to be too much to bear. When Mick discovers the rat has perished, he notes that it's another change in a season that has been full of change and loss for the Legends, and considering the looks of next week's episode, that change isn't over yet.

Legends of Tomorrow airs Mondays at 8/7c on The CW.



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