'Arrow' Stars Celebrate Season 7 Renewal With Adorable Photo

Yesterday, fans got news that Arrow will be coming back for a seventh season, and it looks like the show's cast is celebrating in a very particular way.

Earlier today, Stephen Amell posted a photo of himself, David Ramsey, and Emily Bett Rickards holding up seven fingers for the show's Season 7 renewal. You can check it out below.

These photos from Amell and Ramsey have become somewhat of a tradition over the years, with Amell posting a photo with a very heartfelt message last year. But Rickards being included is something new, and will certainly make plenty of the show's "OTA" fans happy.

It's a little too early to predict exactly where Arrow's Season 7 will go, considering how many more Season 6 episodes are left to air. But it sounds like the tail end of this season will put its lead character in a pretty dark situation.

“This season has been very much about removing all of the support structures from Oliver,” executive producer Marc Guggenheim explained during a recent interview. “One of the challenges we placed for ourselves in season 6 was we got Oliver to the end of his emotional journey in season 5. He finally moved on from the past, he was a much more emotionally complete human being."

"So the challenge for season 6 was: How — in a show that really, for the first five years, gained a lot of its story from the bad choices Oliver made — do we continue to make Oliver’s life difficult, but have it come from something that he’s enduring rather than the dark machinations of the soul?" Guggenheim explained. "One of the things we hit upon is the idea of we spent basically season 5 building up this team and this whole support structure, bringing him closer to Felicity again, bringing his son into his life. And in season 6 what you’ve basically seen, and will continue to see, is the slow degradation of all those structures."


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Arrow airs Thursdays at 9/8c on The CW.