Scott Snyder Reveals Which DC Comics Character He Wants To Reinvent

Scott Snyder has worked with some of DC Comics' biggest icons, but there are still a few other characters he wants a crack at in the future.

Snyder took some time to talk to's Jim Viscardi at New York Comic Con, where he was asked if there are any other characters in DC's expansive library that he would like to redefine. The answer just might surprise you.

"There are a bunch actually, I know it sounds weird but my first one Detective Chimp, I have a story that's like intensely personal about why I think he's such a beautiful character," Snyder told "A monkey, I mean an ape, who is essentially always struggling against the bars of his cage to find out, to memorize the simplest stuff, and then winds up finding the fountain of youth and then ends up becoming incredibly smart and then still winds up feeling like he knows just a fraction of the mystery, and it's a story where he winds up going back to Florida where he was once caged in a circus to solve a murder, I know it sounds insane."

It doesn't stop with Detective Chimp either. "But I actually have another Slam Bradley story I want to do that's weird, first DC Character," Snyder said. "I've got a Kamandi story I'd really like to do as well. There are a bunch, there are a bunch. Doctor Fate's another character I have a big idea for so, I hope one day, there's a lot. As long as people keep picking this stuff up I promise I'll try my best to do ones that surprise people."

It might be a minute before Snyder gets to tackle those characters, but he's pretty busy these days anyway with Justice League.

Justice League #11 is written by Scott Snyder and drawn by Francis Manapul, and you can check out the official description below.

“DROWNED EARTH part two! The Justice League is scattered across the Seven Seas, pursued by the Ocean Lords and their army of alien mercenaries and constantly at risk of turning into fish monsters. You know, just a day at the beach. Their only hope lies in the crippled Aquaman, who believes the road to victory lies in unleashing equally vengeful gods on Earth’s oceans. Meanwhile, Batman guards the Totality in the sunken Hall of Justice, where no one can attack him…or can they?"


Justice League #11 is in comic stores on November 7th.

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