'Legends of Tomorrow' Recap with Spoilers: The Team Heads to Purgatory in "The Eggplant, The Witch & The Wardrobe"

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WARNING: Spoilers for Legends of Tomorrow up ahead! Proceed with caution if you have yet to watch tonight's episode.

Sara goes into finds out that Ava's been abducted and the Legends — with the help of Nora — go investigate. Using her powers, Nora's able to track down Ava to a local motel where she's being held. Before long, we see that Neron has been preparing her body so that we could use her body as his next vessel. Though alive, her spirit has been sent to a form of purgatory. Sara convinces Constantine to use his magic to send her after Ava.

We find out that Ava's personal version of Limbo is a big-box store akin to IKEA. While there, they find out that to escape, they have to adequately assemble a wardrobe and climb out through it. They manage to piece it all together but instead of getting out, the only move to a separate part of the purgatory. The two realize that they need to work on their relationship before exiting Limbo for good. Eventually, they each go on their own separate paths and solver their own riddles, for lack of a better word, and are able to come back to their physical bodies.

Using Charlie's shape-shifting powers, the Legends remaining on Earth are able to sneak attack Neron and subdue him to a holding cell on the Waverider. Ray informs Nate that Nora wasn't the one to kill his father and explains the situation with Neron, and Nate confronts the latter though Ray is able to diffuse the confrontation.

Later, Nora confronts Neron and convinces him to leave the body of Desmond. After a three-way fight between Neron, Nora, and Constantine, the demon is able to escape. Nora's gravely injured in the fight, seemingly placed into a catatonic state. The episode ends by revealing Neron possessed Ray's body.

Other tidbits from the episode include:

  • Ray and Nate check out the theme park Hank was building and Nate orders it all be torn down. Later in the film, Nate changes his mind and saves the theme park from demolition after all.
  • Zari finally asks Nate out on a date.

Legends of Tomorrow airs on Monday nights beginning at 8/7 p.m. Central on The CW.



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