'Legends of Tomorrows' Recap with Spoilers: All Hell Breaks Loose in "Terms of Service"

(Photo: The CW)

Gary has started taking full advantage of having Tabitha back from Hell, asking for favors left and right. She grants all of his wishes, before trying to convince him to take down the Legends once and for all. We find out the disgraced Bureau agent is just tired of being excluded from everything the Legends do and uses a wish to force Sara, Nora, and Ava to have a book club with him. Before long, Gary assumes control of the Waverider and uses Tabitha to make the various Legends go through tasks to please him — eventually making himself feel bad over their mistreatment. For breaking Tabitha's spell, Sara makes Gary a member of the Legends.

Elsewhere, Neron has been using Ray's body to send out Public Service Announcements about the rise of mythical monsters arriving on Earth in an effort to scare the masses. During a product launch, Neron unveils information about a new app called Eyes, which allows users to track real-time monster sightings. It's here that Neron forces Mona to transform into her monster half, essentially launching a riot.

During Ray's presentation, Charlie is able to infiltrate the Time Bureau and free the creatures the group had previously imprisoned. She herds them to safekeeping on the Waverider before being captured by Neron and Tabitha.

Other tidbits from the episode:

  • We find out Tabitha, the fairy godmother, fell in love with Neron during the time she spent in Hell and that's why she's helping him in this arc
  • Tabitha tricks Nora into taking her fairy godmother powers so that she's no longer burdened by wish granters
  • Constantine has a rough time in hell as he's instantly attacked by demons he's previously locked there and is tortured throughout the majority of the episode

Legends of Tomorrow airs Monday nights on The CW starting at 8/7 p.m. Central.



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