Michael Keaton, Kevin Conroy and More Contribute to Batman: The Definitive History

Insight Editions has announced Batman: The Definitive History of the Dark Knight in Comics, Film, and Beyond as part of the Batman 80th anniversary festivities. That's a very bold (and very long) title for a Batman book, but consider the following:

  • The foreword is by Michael Keaton.
  • The introduction is by Kevin Controy.
  • The preface is from Dennis O'Neil.
  • The book contains exclusive interviews with Christopher Nolan and other members of The Dark Knight Trilogy creative team as well as commentary from Neal Adams, Tim Burton, Paul Dini, Steve Englehart, Mark Hamill, Grant Morrison, Julie Newmar, Christopher Nolan, Denny O’Neil, Joel Schumacher, Scott Snyder and Zack Snyder.
  • It includes "never-before-seen photography and concept art from the Tim Burton films Batman and Batman Returns."
  • It includes "sketches, animation cels and storyboards from Batman: The Animated Series and other Batman animated shows, including The Batman and Brave and the Bold."
  • It "unearths a lost gem of Batman lore: a rejected 40-page film treatment submitted to WB by Bob Kane, Batman’s co-creator, in 1986, called The Return of Batman."

Indeed, writers Andrew Farago and Gina McIntyre are attempting to distill 80 years of Batman history across comics, TV, animation, film, video games and more into a single 400 page hardcover book. If you're interested, pre-orders are live right here on Amazon for $67.24, which is a discount of 10% (the product page includes a peek inside the book).

Keep in mind that the pre-order discount could go as high as 30%, but you won't be charged until the book ships around the October 29th release date. If the price does go down, you'll automatically get the discount (while you're at it, you might want to check out the Batman Beyond Complete Animated Series Blu-ray box set as it's a limited edition that's going fast).

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