Batwoman Recap With Spoilers: Kate Searches for The Truth in "The Rabbit Hole"

Batwoman has officially made its debut, showcasing the origins of the Arrowverse's latest superhero. Now that Kate Kane/Batwoman (Ruby Rose) has begun to suit up as a hero, fans are curious to see where her story goes next. Here's what you need to know about the series' second-ever episode, "The Rabbit Hole".


Kate continues to write her letter to Bruce, and recounts how no one found Beth in the days after their car accident. Kate realizes that Jacob won't believe that Alice is Beth, but she's going to make him learn the truth either way. Jacob addresses Sophie and the Crows agents, as they hunt for Alice and her gang. A group of gang members light a Crows truck on fire, but a soon apprehended by Batwoman. Kate learns that her Batwoman costume can deflect bullets.

The next day, Vesper Fairchild and the citizens of Gotham speculate about whether or not Batman is actually back. The Kane family meet for breakfast, and Kate argues that Alice is Beth. Everyone disagrees with Kate. Meanwhile, Alice and her gang hold a family hostage, and she monologues about how Jacob gave up on her and is going to give up on Gotham.

Kate inspects Alice's knife, and gets flashbacks to one of the panic attacks she had about Beth as a kid. Luke asks her if she's really ready to take on the role that Batman left behind. Kate meets with Sophie, who asks her if she's Batwoman. Kate shows Sophie Alice's knife and asks her to run the DNA to see if its a match for hers, but she refuses. Alice's gang then arrives and sprays some sort of toxic gas. They fight them off, and Jacob gets angry that Kate is continuing to investigate what happened to Beth. He says that the GCPD gave them the approval to kill Alice on sight, if necessary.

Kate visits Mary at her underground hospital, where she gives one of Alice's injured goons a secret password - "waffles", referencing a waffle stand they loved when they were kids. The Crows track down Alice's gang down to a suburban house, and Kate lets Sophie know where she and Alice plan to meet up. She drives there, and remembers the guilt she felt about Beth's death as a child. The Crows arrive at the suburban house and find the family poisoned. Jacob then reveals that the house is where the Kane family used to live.

Kate then meets Alice at a nearby swing set, where Alice toys with whether or not she's actually Beth. Alice recalls her vivid memories from the crash, and how she feels betrayed by the fact that Jacob and Kate ultimately moved on. Kate argues that she hasn't moved on. Alice prepares to give Kate some of her DNA, but they are interrupted by the Crows. Kate ultimately convinces them not to shoot Alice, but just to arrest her. Right before Alice is driven away, she threatens to hurt Mary -- who is subsequently hunted by one of Alice's henchmen in the underground hospital. Kate arrives and saves Mary, only to see on a nearby television that the GCPD truck carrying Alice was in an accident in transport. Kate saves Alice from drowning, but the GCPD truck is shot and explodes while they're both underwater. Kate passes out on the side of the river nearby, but Luke uses the suit's techology to wake her up and give her time to escape.

The next day, Kate visits Mary, who is clearly traumatized by what happened to her. Jacob confronts Kate for helping Alice and argues that she's still not Beth. In a flashback, Jacob finds a map that Kate was using to try to find Beth, and reveals to her that Beth's remains had been found.

Kate argues that Sophie sold her out, and asks her if she's really happy in her relationship with her husband. She tells Kate to move on. Kate visits Luke and thanks him for saving her, while she wonders who else is trying to prevent her from finding out the truth about Alice. In the city, Catherine meets with a man, who she tells to destroy the knife and any other evidence about Kate and Alice. Kate interrogates one of Alice's soldiers, while Alice writes a letter to her. She leaves a live bat perched on Kate's motorcycle, in a box that's inscribed with "You Have Our Father's Eyes".



Batwoman airs Sundays at 8/7c on The CW.

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