Supergirl Recap With Spoilers: Kara Faces Off With Leviathan in "The Wrath of Rama Khan"

supergirl wrath of rama khan
(Photo: The CW)

On the last episode of Supergirl, the titular hero found out the truth about Lena Luthor. After taking Lena to the Fortress of Solitude to seek out a weapon to use against Leviathan but instead, Lena is there for Myriad and in taking it reveals that she killed Lex Luthor and that she knew about Kara's double life before Kara came clean. Lena also admits that she wants Supergirl to hurt as Kara's betrayal hurt her. A devastated Supergirl was left to deal with that horrible truth. Tonight, however, Supergirl had more than the truth about her best friend to deal with. The battle with Leviathan took on a new dimension in this, the last episode of Supergirl ahead of "Crisis on Infinite Earths."

Spoilers for tonight's Supergirl mid-season finale, "The Wrath of Rama Khan" below.

Alex and Brainy arrive at the Fortress to rescue Kara from the Fortress' defenses and Kara tells them about Lena. They then track Lena to one of Lex's old hideouts where Lena and Hope are hurrying to put Myriad online and launch No Nocere. Supergirl arrives, but the bunker begins countermeasures against her, and Lena tells Hope to deploy them. However, the cannons plan to reload with Kryptonite and Lena tries to shut them down, something she manages to do just in time. Kara says she's not going to give up on Lena.

At Leviathan's base of operations, Rama Khan and Gamemnae talk about their present situation with Gamemnae saying that they need to destroy the humans as well as notes that the planets are all coming into alignment for the first time in a very long time. She wants to unleash a volcano and they only need the power of Acrata to do it. At the DEO, Kara elaborates on how Lena found out Supergirl's identity as well as the fact that she now has Myriad. Supergirl thinks she can still fix things. J'onn arrives with his brother to explain why Lena needs Myriad.

Malefic tells them that Lena held him prisoner, including that he was never sent to the Phantom Zone. Brainy figures out that Lena is planning to use Q-waves to impose her will on the world, albeit in a way that will keep them from hurting others. Alex is still not sure that Supergirl can save her. Elsewhere, Rama Khan comes for Andrea. She resists, but he offers to release her from his service after one last job.

Brainy projects a hologram of Supergirl into Lena's bunker. Supergirl pleads with her, but Lena doesn't really hear her. The hologram ends. Kara isn't handling things well and talks with Alex about things, explaining how she understands why Lena is hurting. Alex is the voice of reason here and also points out the times Lena lied, too. Alex has to treat her like a villain and reveals they put a virus in the bunker's mainframe -- and she's prepared to take Lena out if necessary.

Hope and Lena go to activate Myriad, but it doesn't work. They discover the virus. Lena blames Supergirl for this. Hope decides to go try to manual activate things even if it kills her. Lena stops her and they start to work on overriding things. Supergirl goes to ask J'onn for help but he isn't sure he can'. Malefic, however, may be the key to stopping Lena. They want to use Malefic's Q-waves to counteract Lena, but even though it could kill him, Malefic wants to help. He wants to make amends.

At the Central City museum Rama Khan wants to set off a super volcano and create an extinction-level event. Andrea says Supergirl could stop him and he declares that she's not a god, but he is. He slams his staff and the ground rumbles. Acrata tries to warn Supergirl before she's yanked back by Rama Khan.

Brainy figures out what the staff is and figures out roughly what his plan is -- the super volcano that is even worse than Pompeii. Supergirl shares the Malefic idea with Alex, but she doesn't trust any of it. Alex vents to J'onn about both Lena and Malefic. J'onn encourages her to let people "do better." At the bunker, Lena and Hope continue their work and the ground shakes them.

At the museum, Supergirl and J'onn face off against Rama Khan but aren't having much luck. He starts to set things off when Supergirl locates Acrata and the staff. J'onn goes after her. As things get worse with the shaking and Alex plans to attempt the Malefic solution to spare Lena's life. J'onn tries to free Acrata. At the bunker, Hope goes to manually set things up. They figure out that the access code is from Milton and she continues to manually position the dishes. They are ready to launch. Alex deploys Malefic who intercepts the Q-waves only briefly. They have to turn off their psychic inhibitors.

Alex turns off the inhibitors. Malefic stops Myriad. Rama Khan pins Supergirl and villain monologues. J'onn is able to remove the staff and disable Rama Khan. She throws him into the tar pit and then freezes it, but he reclaims Acrata and disappears. Lena is crushed that her plans didn't work.


Back at Leviathan HQ, the blonde woman takes the staff and usurps Rama Khan. Back in her lab, Lena takes out her gun and asks Hope to take the fall for her by pretending to hold Lena hostage and claim it was all her idea. "Eve" is taken away. Alex tells Supergirl what "Eve" did, but they both know it's Lena. They decide that maybe Lena can be saved after all.. Malefic doesn't feel like he's made up for what he's done. J'onn sends him home to Mars to help with the resistance. He could be the key to peace on Mars.

As Malefic leaves, The Monitor shows up and tells J'onn that he has passed the test. The Monitor brought Malefic there. Saving Malefic was his test. Now he is ready to face the coming Crisis. At The Monitor's base, Lex Luthor is playing chess. Lex, too, is needed to aid in Crisis as well.