Green Arrow and the Canaries Star Teases Major Changes to Mia's Post-Crisis Future

After the death of Oliver Queen in The CW crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths, the entire multiverse got a restart thanks to his sacrifice, and the Arrowverse received a lot of major changes in its revival. And while Arrow will be ending for good in just a couple episodes, fans will get to see their first look at the planned spinoff series when Oliver and Felicity's daughter Mia dons the hood for Green Arrow and the Canaries. The series is getting a backdoor pilot in the next episode of Arrow, which will show how Crisis affected Mia's future in 2040.

Mia Smoak Queen actress Katherine McNamara recently spoke with TV Guide about how her character has changed since we last saw her in Crisis on Infinite Earths, and there are some major surprises in store.

First, the tragic Star City of the future is gone, replaced with a bright and sunny future thanks to Oliver's sacrifice — but Mia won't remember anything about her alternate past.

"Fundamentally, she's still the same person," McNamara explained. "She's still the same human being, was raised by Felicity, but just in an entirely different set of circumstances. Because of everything that happened in Crisis and the fact that Oliver saved Star City and the whole Arrowverse, she's grown up in a Star City that's pretty perfect and has known not really any loss or trauma or tragedy in her life, other than the fact that she's never really known her father."

While she never knew her father, Mia did grow up with the legacy of the Green Arrow being public knowledge and that will weigh heavily on her.

"She's also grown up with this added mantle of being the Green Arrow's daughter and what all that means given Oliver's sacrifice," McNamara said. "That brings with it a lot of privilege and a lot of opportunity, but also a lot of responsibility. She's taking that in stride and sort of been raised in that environment. She's a very smart, cunning, cutting, capable young woman with every opportunity at her fingertips, but there's no real passion. She doesn't know what she wants to do with her life. There's nothing in her life that gives her that spark. And she's a bit searching in this."

With these changes, fans should come to expect to see a very different version of Mia, one who might not be quite as rough around the edges.


"You know, one of the advantages of Mia's upbringing in this reality is that she has social skills, and she's really able to be adept and relate to people and form those bonds that our old Mia didn't have the capacity to do," McNamara said. "There's definitely a story there, and it will definitely be explained in the pilot, and I think it's gonna surprise a lot of people."

There are only two episodes of Arrow left; the backdoor pilot for Green Arrow and the Canaries will air on The CW on Tuesday, January 21st.

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