Crisis on Infinite Earths Gets an Epic Recap Rap

Did you somehow manage to miss "Crisis on Infinite Earths," the five-part comic book TV crossover that played out over two months in two different decades and brought in characters from over a dozen TV and movie properties within the DC Comics multiverse? Well if you didn't see it and don't want to head over to the CW website or app to check it out -- or better, if you did see it and just want to have a little fun re-living it, you can check out the latest episode of Recap Raps on YouTube. The video, which you can see embedded below, gives a breakdown of everything that happened in the Crisis.

And, yeah -- this thing is a ton of fun, but it's FULL of spoilers, so be aware of that. It's also the kind of thing that Supergirl and Arrow writers have been sharing on Twitter, expressing their love for it. Hard to blame them; Recap Raps is a fun idea, but this one is pretty next-level even for them.

You can check it out below.

"The story structure took inspiration from key moments in the original Crisis," executive producer Marc Guggenheim told "When we pitched it to the studio and network, DC was kind enough to make a big pitch board for us and we picked 5 of the 12 covers to represent the 5 hours of TV that we were pitching and each cover corresponds to something that happens in that hour. It sort of does illustrate that the scaffolding that we had erected was inspired by the scaffolding of the original Crisis. I will tell These crossovers normally are incredibly ambitious, and it’s always a miracle when they come together, but this one was ambitious on a quantum, exponential scale above anything we’ve done before. You’ve got to take things as they come, but we tried to make the story substantial and mean something."


The Crisis brought together heroes from various eras of DC's TV and film adaptations, including Brandon Routh's Superman (originally seen in Superman Returns), Burt Ward's Dick Grayson (originally seen in the 1966 Batman series), Tom Welling's Clark Kent (originally seen in Smallville), Tom Ellis's Lucifer Morningstar (currently appearing in Lucifer), and Ezra Miller's version of The Flash, who first appeared in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and has his own solo movie coming up from the director of IT.

Fans can get caught up by watching all five parts of the "Crisis on Infinite Earths" crossover on The CW's website or app now, or buying them through video on demand platforms. The post-"Crisis" Arrowverse began this week with new episodes of Batwoman, Supergirl, Arrow, DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and Black Lightning. The Flash will be back in two weeks.

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