Graham McTavish Talks About His Secretive 'Aquaman' Role

Actor Graham McTavish is dominating geekdom right now with his roles in Outlander, Preacher, and a [...]

Actor Graham McTavish is dominating geekdom right now with his roles in Outlander, Preacher, and a surprising appearance in the DC Comics movie Aquaman.

But the actor cannot talk about that last gig quite yet, as DC or Warner Bros. has yet to reveal his role. And that fact has McTavish a but flustered. While speaking with Collider recently, he addressed the secrecy surrounding modern Hollywood as dominated by the superhero genre.

"This business nowadays, it's so secretive. It's so secretive," said McTavish. "I mean, the role in Aquaman, I had a great time doing it, but I am slightly puzzled by the level of secrecy nowadays in movies and TV and video games. I mean the number of non-disclosure agreements you have to sign even if you're just talking to someone about doing a video game, there's all that sort of stuff. It's gone to a whole new level."

McTavish joked that he's since forgotten who he's playing in the film, but praised James Wan's first big superhero production.

"I've seen the trailer, and certainly the people I've spoken to about it, I think it's going to be really good. Jason's great in it. So laid back, that guy. Barefoot, playing a bass guitar pretty much the entire time," McTavish said. "I think it's going to be very different. When you're working on it, because it so much blue screen, it was very difficult to get a sense of how this thing is going to look even down to the fact that all the water movement and the hair and all the rest of it is all CG'd. So there's no real water."

McTavish spoke about the challenges, but said that it will all coalesce into a greater movie.

"All that starts to become a bit disconcerting when you're working in an environment like that after a while, it starts to play with your mind because there's no depth. And so from a performance point of view, I think that can be quite challenging. But certainly the finished result I think is going to be incredible."

We hope we learn who McTavish is playing in the new DC Comics movie very soon. And given the fact that he usually plays very formidable and sometimes violent characters, we hope Arthur Curry doesn't fall on his bad side.

Aquaman premieres in theaters on December 21st.