New 'Aquaman' Trailer Reveals First Look at Classic Costume

In addition to featuring five entire minutes of new footage, the latest trailer for James Wan's Aquaman also gave fans the very first official look at Jason Momoa's titular character in the classic, green and orange costume from the comics.

The live-action Arthur Curry may have had a version of the suit in last year's Justice League movie, but it was nothing like the original, and fans have been hoping that the solo film would include the beloved costume. Fortunately, this will be the case, and the final shot of the new trailer showed off the iconic suit in all its glory.

Check it out!

aquaman classic costume
(Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures)

The suit was featured multiple times in the trailer, but only that final shot showed Arthur Curry wearing it. In several early scenes, the old king of Atlantis was depicted in flashbacks, donning both the suit and the trident. When Momoa's character is seen at the very end, he has also gone back to the original trident, abandoning the newer version that he wielded in Justice League.

James Wan and Jason Momoa first teased the appearance of the suit on Thursday, when they both revealed a new poster on social media and announced that the trailer was arriving. The poster featured Aquaman's hand holding the trident above the water, and the green glove made it clear that the classic costume would make its way into the film at some point.

Just one day later, the suit made its debut to fans around the world, proving that Wan does plan on sticking to the comic roots of the character.

Judging by the events of the trailer, and the story that's being set up, Arthur probably won't have the suit for very long in the movie. It seems as though the suit, as well as the trident, are to going to be earned, and they will likely help in his re-taking of the throne.


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Aquaman swims into theaters on December 21st.