‘Aquaman’ Will Have Moments of Comedy

Aquaman is set to display a brave new world for the DC Extended Universe, and it sounds like that [...]

Aquaman is set to display a brave new world for the DC Extended Universe, and it sounds like that will include some lighter moments.

ComicBook.com sat down with the cast and crew of Aquaman during a visit to the film's set, where they previewed what to expect with the upcoming blockbuster. And according to producer Peter Safran, part of that will include quite a bit of comedy, in a way that draws some pretty specific points of inspiration.

"When Warner Brothers and DC gave James [Wan] Aquaman, he was only interested in doing it if it could be a departure from what had become the DC brand of superhero." Safran explained. "Which, whether you like it or don't like it, it just wasn't how he saw Aquaman being done. And so, it was always much more Raiders of the Lost Ark and Romancing the Stone. And, y'know, both of those movies have such great elements of comedy, real jeopardy, great characters and that's what he brings to the table here. And that is absolutely what the movie is."

As Safran went on to explain, the dynamic between Arthur Curry/Aquaman (Jason Momoa) and Mera (Amber Heard) is at the center of that, with some interesting results.

"It's character comedy between Arthur and Mera." Safran revealed. "It's that great African Queen type rapport that also exists, but, y'know, people from two different worlds having to come together. There's a lot of great comedy that's probably closer to what one sees in Wonder Woman than anything you've seen prior in the DC movies."

Apparently, that sense of comedy will involve quite a bit of sarcasm, something that viewers already saw from Arthur when he appeared in Justice League.

"He is [sarcastic] and frankly that is Jason as well." Safran explained. "His character is very, very much Jason. He's just genuinely Jason as a person, certainly as he plays Arthur. Jason is just a really fun guy to be around. He's the guy that everybody wants to be friends with. He just brings an energy into every room. I think Arthur is not that guy at the beginning of the movie and you've seen in Justice League that he's kind of a surly loner in many regards, but when he makes the turn it's very believable, because that's who Jason is."

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Aquaman will land in theaters on December 21st.