Aquaman Movie Finds Its Writer

(Photo: DC Entertainment)

Gangster Squad scriptwriter Will Beall is returning to the Aquaman movie. THR is reporting that Beall has returned to the script, this time writing it based off a detailed outline from director James Wan.

Warner Bros. had originally hired Beall to write one of several scripts for Aquaman during the early days of development. Beall was one of three scriptwriters working on the project simultaneously, with the plan that Warner Bros. would use the best script available. Beall eventually left Aquaman to develop the Training Day television remake, but returned after Wan scrapped all the previous scripts.

So far, we don't know many details about Aquaman, but Wan has promised the movie won't be nearly as dark as Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice. That's a relief, as Wan got his start directing horror films such as Saw.


The movie is still on pace for a July 17, 2018 release date. Jason Momoa will star as Aquaman, Amber Heard will play Mera, and Willem Dafoe will play Vulko, Aquaman's Atlantean advisor. All three will also appear in the upcoming Justice League movie, which will be released November 17, 2017.