'Aquaman' Guide Book Reveals Why Arthur Curry Abandons Atlantis

Fans got to meet the DC Comics hero Aquaman during the events of the Justice League movie, which [...]

Fans got to meet the DC Comics hero Aquaman during the events of the Justice League movie, which hinted that he doesn't have a great relationship with the people of Atlantis. Despite being the son of their former queen, it seems like the underwater kingdom hasn't embraced him.

Now we have an idea of why the hero abandoned his ties to Atlantis, thanks to the official Aquaman movie book Arthur's Guide to Atlantis, which is an in-canon collection made by Aquaman himself when he was 13 years old.

The letter, which lays a lot of blame at the feet of Willem Dafoe's Vulko, reads as follows:

"Fine. You know what? Vulko, you and your alien friends win. If Atlantis wants NOTHING to do with me, then I want NOTHING to do with Atlantis. Why can't everyone just leave me ALONE!!

"When I got home, I locked EVERYTHING away—my photos, my letters, my notes, everything that I didn't put in this book. I locked it all up in my old tackle box, and I put it in the cellar. I'm done trying to fit into a world that doesn't want me. A world that killed my mother. So I don't need this book anymore. I'M HIDING IT SOMEWHERE NO ONE WILL EVER FIND IT.

"And Vulko, if he's out there, I just want him to know one thing: GET LOST."

It looks like Vulko will play a major role in bringing Aquaman back to Atlantis to help Mera stop King Orm's campaign against the surface world.

Vulko's actor Willem Dafoe spoke about his role in the film, teasing some major effects-heavy scenes.

"He's an advisor to King Orm, and he's also a mentor to Aquaman," Dafoe said to Total Film. "You could look at a monitor that was filming in a greenscreen room, with all these elements covered with green fabric and all these reference points, and then you could go to the monitor and see the completed set, but in a rendering that was laid over the live scene. So that was sometimes very helpful. So when you're on this big object that's moving around on the gimbal that's supposed to be a shark - you could actually go to the monitor and see the size of the shark you're on."

Fans will see Arthur Curry's return to Atlantis when Aquaman premieres on December 21st.