Arrowverse 'Crisis' Star Teases Anti-Monitor vs. Monitor in New BTS Photo

The Arrowverse has pushed full steam ahead this season as all of the shows on The CW rumble toward [...]

The Arrowverse has pushed full steam ahead this season as all of the shows on The CW rumble toward Crisis on Infinite Earths. LaMonica Garrett is both The Monitor and the Anti-Monitor in the upcoming crossover event, and fans just got treated to a special look at what it's been like for the actor behind-the-scenes. Garrett posted a pretty humorous image of himself on the set looking at a monitor. His caption about "hating this Monitor" is pretty tremendous, and Garrett is obviously enjoying his Arrowverse experience a ton this season. As fans are already aware, the Crisis is coming in just a few short weeks and nothing will be the same going forward. Pulling double duty in these shows is no easy task. A lot of Arrowverse veterans have had to at some point for plot reasons, but the level of physical transformation between these two characters is intense because of all the effects and makeup necessary for the swap. talked to Garrett recently about the task in front of him in Crisis on Infinite Earths. One thing that absolutely fell into the conversation was the idea of playing these two very distinct characters in the upcoming crossover. Garrett thinks there are some subtle nuances between the two and hopes that viewers enjoy the experience of meeting the Anti-Monitor.

On the Anti-Monitor, "It's a lot of fun. It's a lot of work that goes into it, but it's the fun work that doesn't feel like work. But yeah, I'm having a great time with both characters, and they're so uniquely different that it's just, you know, it's fun to bring both of them to life," Garrett said.

Now, that may raise the question of which role is more challenging. The actor had an answer for that as well, "I feel the Monitor as a challenge just because it's the dialogue, his stillness. Like, sometimes you want to move and you want to, you know, with gesture you want to do different things and he's just so still in what he does. And that's a challenge for me, because the actor in me, I'm the opposite of that. So it's just reminding myself when I am the Monitor. Just, it's all with what he says, it's his presence, and it's in his eyes, and just let everything fall, and that's a challenge."

Garrett continued, "Well like with any character, I would start from a base point of you know, what does this person want? And what's going to happen if he doesn't get it? And to me that's the base of any character, any scene. Like that's what drives the story, and the friction comes in is where your objective as the character coming head-to-head with someone who has a polar opposite objective, and I think that's where magic is made in film and television. But that's how I approached both of them, and I get to keep asking questions like, where did he come from? You know, What was he like? What's his family like? You know, it drives the stakes up. It kind of peeks in through, like things, little unique things that they might do that are different from other characters, because the more questions you ask, the more you know, things reveal themselves. And then finally when you get the script it opens up a whole new world. So I bring what I prepared along with what they wrote and you know, hopefully it works."