Marc Guggenheim on Potential Future Seasons of 'Arrow' and 'Legends of Tomorrow'

The entire Arrowverse is still recovering from the events of Crisis on Earth-X, and all of the [...]

The entire Arrowverse is still recovering from the events of Crisis on Earth-X, and all of the individual shows are gearing up for the second half of their current seasons. Even amidst all of the chaos of the midseason, the producers of the franchise are already looking ahead to what's coming next.

During an exclusive interview with, Marc Guggenheim, executive producer of Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow, revealed that there are already plans in place for the potential new seasons of both shows.

"Yeah, you know, our minds in the writing room start to [naturally] wonder towards the next season," Guggenheim told us.

"I would say on Legends we have an idea for what I will call the raison d'etre of Season 4," the producer continued. "Like, I think each Season has had a raison d'etre. And we have, for Arrow, a plan for the Big Bad. I can't say that both will absolutely come to pass, because we always give ourselves the freedom to come up with a better idea. And that does happen on occasion. But I would describe it as some really nice clarity about where both shows would be going in their subsequent seasons. We don't have official pickups on either one but we're kind of expecting them. The ratings have been pretty good this year."

The dictionary defines a raison d'etre as the "reason for justifying or existing," and that offers some clarity to Guggenheim's words. What he means is that Season 4 of Legends, if it happens, already has a general purpose in place. The characters have somewhere to go or a mission to put themselves on.

Arrow was a little more self-explanatory. Speculation can now begin as to who the "Big Bad" is that Guggenheim was referring to, and how they will be introduced into the Arrowverse as a whole.

Even if this comment didn't give away too much about the future of these shows, it did at least prove just how confident the producers are in what they're putting out. Neither series has been officially given a new season yet, but the entire creative team is very confident that the announcement will be coming eventually.

That's definitely something we can celebrate until the Arrrowverse returns to The CW in January.