Arrow Live Recap with Spoilers - The Sin-Eater

The episode opens with Diggle and Oliver heading to meet Justin Clayborne's mistress. Oliver asks [...]

The episode opens with Diggle and Oliver heading to meet Justin Clayborne's mistress. Oliver asks the woman for her son's name, but she doesn't want Oliver to cage him up. She says that her son is hurt and scared, and that she refuses to help. The woman then kicks Oliver out.

China White, Lady Cop, and Cupid overwhelm two guards on a prison bus and head to Star City.

Back at the Arrow Cave, Dinah warns the team about the breakout while Felicity uses a "sniffer device" to see if Prometheus's mother has had any contact with her son. Diggle mentions that Dinah's getting sworn in today as the newest member of Star City's police department.


Susan Williams arrives at City Hall and asks Oliver point blank if he's the Green Arrow. Oliver immediately responds "yes", but walks back and says it's a joke. Susan mentions that she's working on a story and asks again...this time on the record, but he continues to deny it.

In a flashback, Anatoli and Oliver try to plan their attack on Gregor. Oliver offers to stay by Anatoli's side until they can kill Gregor, but says he needs to head home when this is all finished. Gregor mentions that Oliver is a sin-eater, a man who takes the sins of others so they can go to the afterlife.

Oliver swears Dinah into the SCPD. Afterwards, Thea asks about Oliver's conversation with Susan and is alarmed that Susan sniffed out Oliver's second identity. Quentin comes up to them and mentions the prison escape and demands to join Oliver because "it's personal."

Felicity points Green Arrow and Quentin to a Chinese Triad den, where China White and the others wiped out a whole team of gang members. Quentin says they need to find the escapees before they drop any more bodies.

Oliver heads back to the Arrow Cave and analyzes a video showing the escapees in action. Oliver overhears China White ask about a depository and says they need to figure out what she's talking about before they leave any more bodies behind.

In a flashback, Oliver escorts Anatoli out of the hospital, killing several of Gregor's men in the process.

The new SCPD chief gets an urgent letter. He says to gather the entire Anti-Crime Unit in five minutes.

Thea tells Felicity about Susan Williams, so Felicity hacks into Susan's computer and finds all of Susan's data on Oliver.

Wild Dog and Mr. Terrific track down a surviving Triad member and find out the three escapee are going after Tobias Church's $100 million deposit, which he never got to spend before he died.

While searching through one of Church's old safehouses, Oliver asks Quentin if he's okay with Dinah becoming the next Black Canary. Quentin says he's okay with it, as long as Dinah does Laurel proud. They're interrupted by gunshots, as Lady Cop, Cupid, and China White have arrived. Quentin chases after Warner, while Oliver fights Cupid and China White. Quentin finds out that Warner went dark again after finding out that Quentin worked with Damien Darhk. Meanwhile, the ACU shows up...and announces that Green Arrow is under arrest for the murder of Detective Malone!

Oliver uses a flare to escape from the ACU and rushes back to the Arrow Cave to tell the rest of the team. Oliver decides to use his mayoral power to find out why the ACU is chasing him.

Back at City Hall, the ACU chief hands over Malone's coroner report which says he was killed by one of Green Arrow's arrow. Oliver tries to explain that the Green Arrow wasn't involved, but the chief says that the Green Arrow is a copkiller. After the ACU chief leaves, Oliver says that Prometheus is behind this, as the coroner's report came from Opal City, where Prometheus's mother lives.

Oliver then finds out that Susan Williams has been fired for allegedly plagiarizing material. She says the timing is suspicious, since it happened immediately after she asked if Oliver was the Green Arrow. Oliver says she didn't know anything about it, but Susan calls him out and tells him about all the evidence she obtained. She then storms out of Oliver's office.

Of course, Oliver didn't hack Susan's computer, but he knows who did it. Oliver confronts Felicity and finds out that Thea is behind everything.

One of the Gregor's men tells Anatoli to hand over Oliver or die, so Oliver willingly gives himself up to save his friend.

Quentin tells Thea about Lady Cop, but Thea says that he needs to stop blaming himself for the sins of others.

China White and the others find one of Bertinelli's men and demand he takes them to Church's "rainy day account".

Later that evening, Oliver asks Thea about Susan, but Thea is pretty unrepentant about protecting her brother. Oliver is more concerned that Thea so effortlessly destroyed a woman's life and asks how she could do that to a person. Quentin comes in and informs Oliver about Lady Cop and the others, but Oliver says they need to let the cops handle it. Oliver says that even though Prometheus arranged things, he shot the arrow. However, Quentin says that he's never let anyone stop him before.

Oliver decides to take another pass at the ACU chief. He explains the circumstances of Malone's death to the police, and then says that he and Chase tried to keep it quiet to protect the city from panic. Oliver asks the chief to let Green Arrow keep being a hero, but the chief says he'll need to think on it. Afterwards, Felicity says she's found Warner and the others.

Back at the Arrow Cave, Felicity gives Dinah her own mask before they head out into the field. Meanwhile, the ACU gears up to chase after Green Arrow again.

Lady Cop and the others find Church's money in a mausoleum, but they're immediately surrounded by Green Arrow and his team. However, Lady Cop reveals she has a small army on her side (paid off in advance). Things break down in a hurry, Wild Dog gets shot, and Mr. Terrific gets ganged up on by Cupid and Lady Cop. Green Arrow tries to stop China White, but the ACU shows up. Instead of shooting Green Arrow, the ACU chief shoots China White while his men gather up Cupid, Lady Cop, and their hired help.

Afterwards, Green Arrow thanks the ACU chief and apologizes about Malone's death. Green Arrow also gives the chief a big hint about his true identity, which the cop seems to pick up on.

Quentin gives Lady Cop a fond farewell and gives Dinah a few words of encouragement afterwards.

Thea apologizes to Oliver. Oliver says that Thea didn't make a mistake, she made a choice. Oliver says that Thea reminded them a lot of her mother, who also made tough choices...but not necessarily the right ones.

The episode ends with Chase barging into Oliver's office and saying that they have a big problem. Someone has alerted the news about Oliver covering up Malone's death, which could trigger his impeachment.