'Arrow' Recap With Spoilers: A Shocking Revelation Made in "Inheritance"

Will Oliver and Emiko finally set their differences aside? How long can Felicity keep her secret? [...]

arrow inheritance
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Will Oliver and Emiko finally set their differences aside? How long can Felicity keep her secret? Here's what happened on tonight's episode of Arrow. As always, full spoilers for "Inheritance" follow.

Laurel follows Emiko around town to try gathering intel, but Emiko catches on and shoots her in the arm with an arrow. Laurel eventually heads to the Queen residence and tells Oliver that Emiko was at Slabside the night Diaz was murdered, but Oliver refuses to believe her. Being tipped off, Oliver follows Emiko later that night and finds out she's been working with Dante.

Eventually, Team Arrow suits up to take on Emiko, Dante, and the Ninth Circle at another break-in. Dante and the other hired guns are able to escape, leaving Emiko behind. Then, Emiko reveals she's undercover with Dante and his crew, trying to take them down from the inside as she's uncovered their plan of stealing uranium from different manufacturers around the city.

Felicity can't seem to get her Archer system to work and Oliver finds a jamming device, realizing that Emiko has lied about being undercover -- she's legitimately working for Dante and the Ninth Circle. We find out Dante and Emiko are using the uranium to make sarin gas to deploy over the city. The team rushes to a new location that Felicity tracks down and Oliver's unable to stop all of the drones — one, of which, releases the gas.

Other snippets from the show include:

  • Felicity is beginning to set up her new office and she hires Alena Whitlock to run the company.

  • Through flashbacks, we find out that Robert Queen left Emiko and her mother when Emiko was 11. Some time afterward, Emiko gets involved in being a courier for organized crime, eventually bumping into Dante -- a crime boss who takes her under his wing.

  • Emiko leaks photos of Laurel and Diaz together to the press

Arrow airs Monday nights starting at 8/7 p.m. Central on The CW.


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