Arrow Recap with Spoilers - Honor Thy Fathers

The episode opens with Oliver walking into City Hall to find out that more of Chase's convictions [...]


The episode opens with Oliver walking into City Hall to find out that more of Chase's convictions are being overturned. A SWAT officer walks up to Oliver and informs him that Oliver's office has a suspicious package and that he needs to evacuate, but Oliver figures out it's from Chase and goes to investigate. Oliver opens up the crate and finds a skeleton buried in concrete inside.

Later that day, Dinah tells Oliver that the body belongs to a local politician who disappeared 15 years ago. While Dinah tries to figure out the politican's connection to Chase/Oliver, Oliver tells Team Arrow to keep an eye on the various criminals getting released from prison because they were prosecuted by Chase. Felicity also says that she's having an issue finding Oliver's son, as his mother did a very good job hiding.

In a flashback, Anatoly and Oliver take a small plane back to Lian Yu.

Dinah tells Quentin that she was able to figure out who the politician's killer was, but Quentin doesn't seem thrilled by her findings.

Thea comes back in town (at Oliver's request) just as Quentin arrives to tell Oliver the bad news: Oliver's father killed the politician 15 years ago. Oliver thinks that Chase framed his father and tells Quentin and Dinah to find some evidence to exonerate him.

In a flashback, Oliver explains to Anatoly that he headed back to Lian Yu to give him a cover for the last five years. He finds Deathstroke's mask on the bach and puts an arrow through its eyes.

Rene tells Quentin that he's got a trial date for custody of his daughter. He asks Quentin to be there for him.

Felicity analyzes the concrete and figures out where he was killed, so Diggle and Oliver go to investigate. Meanwhile, Dinah and Curtis stake out Derek Sampson, the "can't feel pain" mobster from earlier this season who recently got let out of prison.

Diggle and Oliver walk right into a trap - Chase blows out the floor from under them, locks them inside and then starts pouring concrete in the hole they're trapped in. Luckily, Felicity redirects Curtis and Dinah to their location and they get out in time.

Oliver learns that Sampson is working with Chase, and that Sampson used the distraction of Oliver nearly getting buried in concrete to steal chemical supplies used by Chase's father to weaponize tuberculosis. Just then, Quentin figures out the link between Chase and the dead councilman - they were both represented by the same attorney.

Oliver brings the attorney in for questioning, but Chase got to the attorney first. The attorney gives Oliver a USB drive (courtesy of Chase) and says that he can't say anything because Chase is a psychopath. Of course, Thea can also get a little intense at times and threatens him.

In a flashback, Oliver shows Anatoly Lian Yu's small graveyard and explains that this is why he needs to wear the Hood. Anatoly warns Oliver that a piece of cloth won't save his friends and family from getting hurt and asks who will pay for his sins.

Oliver wants to destroy the USB drive, but Felicity calls him with Sampson's location. After Oliver leaves, Thea looks at the USB drives because she knows that she's going to watch it.

Sampson and his men are loading up the last of the chemicals needed to carry out Chase's plan, when Team Arrow arrive to stop him. Although Team Arrow takes down several of Sampson's men, Sampson himself gets away.

Afterwards, Oliver finds that Thea did watch the tape, which is security footage showing Robert and the councilman arguing and then the councilman falling into a vat of concrete. Both Oliver and Thea are pretty upset about the revelation, but Oliver tries to dismiss it as an accident. Thea points out that Robert still tried to cover it up and comes to the conclusion that their parents were not good people.

In a flashback, Anatoly and Oliver goes over Oliver's "escape plan": Anatoly will bribe some fishermen to go to Lian Yu and then Oliver will attract their attention with a bonfire. Anatoly also gives Oliver a fake beard and wig, since no one would believe he was able to trim his hair/beard if he was truly trapped on the island.

Felicity and Curtis analyze the chemicals and determine that Chase could create a powerful chemical agent 1000x worse than what his father made. Oliver wants all hands on deck, but Rene and Quentin are away because Rene is freaking out about testifying in court to get his daughter back. Rene thinks it will traumatize his daughter, but Quentin tells him that he has a chance to make his daughter's life better by being there for him.

Oliver watches Robert's final recording in the ArrowCave and tells Felicity that he couldn't believe that he never realized that his dad was a bad person. Felicity points out that Robert inspired Oliver to save the city, but that maybe it's time for Oliver to stop living up to his father's expectations and start living up to his own legacy. Just then, Felicity finds out that Sampson is holding Chase's chemicals in an applied sciences building named after Oliver's father.

Team Arrow meet at the building, with Oliver finally putting on the Green Arrow costume on once again. Sampson is at the rooftop with the chemicals, but Prometheus confronts Oliver in a stairwell. While Team Arrow stops Sampson's men, Oliver and Prometheus get into a huge fight. Chase points out how similar they are, but Oliver gets into Chase's head when Chase brings up his father's legacy. Oliver says that he found out that Chase's father wanted to disown Chase because he's insane. Chase wanted to uphold the legacy of a man who gave up on him. Prometheus puts down his sword and asks Oliver to kill him, but Oliver knocks him out instead.

Team Arrow gathers at the Arrowcave to celebrate finally capturing Chase, and Oliver gives Thea a video Robert made her years ago.

In a flashback, Oliver builds his bonfire when he gets shot by a dart. Turns out that Kovar followed Oliver to Lian Yu.

Rene doesn't show up to his custody hearing and thus loses his shot at reuniting with his daughter.

Thea watches the video made by her father. Robert says that Thea is stronger than Oliver and that she'll need to keep an eye on Oliver to help him get through life. Oliver says that they need to live their own lives instead of struggling with their parents' legacy.

The next day at a press conference, Oliver says that Robert Queen did in fact kill the councilman. Oliver also says that Robert saved Oliver's life nearly 10 years ago, so that he could serve Star City. Chase watches the press conference from his cell in ARGUS, but he starts to smile as if there's more to his plan.