Arrow Season 5 Will Be the End of the Flashbacks

(Photo: Sysmatic aka Jordy Roelofs @ Deviant ART)If you were a fan of Arrow in its second and [...]

Arrow Season 5 End Final Flashbacks
(Photo: Sysmatic aka Jordy Roelofs @ Deviant ART)

If you were a fan of Arrow in its second and third seasons but think the show's format has gotten a bit flat (present day threats dovetailed with flashbacks to Oliver Queen's time on the Island) - then rejoice! There's a least one thing you won't have to deal with for much longer!

During The CW TCA presentation, we learned that the upcoming Arrow season 5 will be the last season of the show to feature flashbacks to Oliver Queen's years away from home:

In addition to some bad romance (R.I.P. "Olicity") and increasingly outlandish storylines (a street vigilante vs. magic), Arrow's flashbacks have become more and more cumbersome and extraneous (or painfully on-the-nose). By now, Oliver Queen's "secret past" on the island has become tiresome at best - and at worst, the flashback storylines have deflated the mystique surrounding the character, ironically making him less interesting the more we learn about him.

...That's all to say, it's doubtful many - if any - fans are going to be sad to see this storytelling crutch go. A full episode focused entirely on developing the characters, storylines, and action at hand would be a welcome change.

Arrow season 5 premieres this fall on The CW.