Arrow EP Addresses Felicity's Business Aspirations in Season 6

Ever since the Smoak Technologies name popped up on Legends of Tomorrow's first season when the team went to a future Star City and found a very different Green Arrow, fans have been wanting to know when they might see Felicity get her own company on Arrow. Now it looks like that wait might be coming to an end.

Arrow showrunner Marc Guggenheim told TV Line that fans should expect some developments regarding Felicity starting her own company after being fired as CEO of Palmer Technologies in season four. In fact, it was something they had wanted to address in season five but other stories got in the way.

"That was something we wanted to do last year, and then we got sort of seduced by the Helix storyline," Guggenheim said. "I would say that people wanting that storyline will be happy, but for reasons that I think will be very obvious, it can't be called Smoak Technologies."

But before anyone thinks that this is a confirmation of perhaps Felicity and Oliver getting married, Guggenheim was quick to clarify that it wouldn't be quite that simple.

"And all those clever readers who are like, 'That's because she'll be changing her name to Queen,' it's not Queen Technologies, either."


Supergirl premieres on Monday, October 9th at 8 pm, while The Flash debuts on Tuesday, October 10th at 8 pm. Legends of Tomorrow moves to Tuesdays this Fall, airing right after The Flash on October 10th. On Thursday, October 12th at 9 pm Arrow will premiere to round out the DC roster.