'Arrow' Brings Back Character Not Seen Since Season 2

Tonight's episode of Arrow kicked off with quite a shock for Oliver and Team Arrow, but that [...]

Tonight's episode of Arrow kicked off with quite a shock for Oliver and Team Arrow, but that wasn't the only surprise in store.

Spoilers for the Arrow episode "Thanksgiving," below.

Moments before the dedication of the new Star City, FBI Agent Watson arrived and arrested Oliver (Stephen Amell) in front of the press, the police, and even his son William. Watson decided she had enough to seek an indictment against Oliver for being the Green Arrow, and now he was going to be charged with a plethora of federal-level crimes. These serious charges call for a serious attorney and when Oliver gets to his arraignment, it's revealed that his attorney is none other than Jean Loring (Teryl Rothery.)

Fans of the comics recognize the name Jean Loring, though they may not completely recognize the character as the Arrow version is dramatically different. In comics, Jean is an attorney, but she's also the ex-wife of Ray Palmer, the Atom, and is part of the highly controversial "Identity Crisis" storyline. In 2004's "Identity Crisis," Jean wanted to reunite with Ray and decided the best way to do that was to endanger the loved one of a hero as it would send all the heroes, including Ray, back to their loved ones. Jean uses one of Ray's old costumes, shrinks herself, and literally enters the brain of Sue Dibny, Ralph Dibny's wife. Inside the woman's mind, Jean tries to cause just a minor stroke, but kills her instead, which prompts Jean to start a fire and burn the body in panic.

It's later discovered that Sue was pregnant at the time. The villain Doctor Light is the prime suspect, as it initially appears Sue died of burns, and it is discovered that Light once raped Sue. While the Justice League eventually figures out it was Jean who killed Sue and she is sent to Arkham Asylum, the reveal doesn't happen until after the JLA decides to let Zatanna mind-wipe the villain, effectively lobotomizing him.

On Arrow, Jean is Moira Queen's longtime friend and attorney from all the way back in Season Two. Jean represented Moira after she admitted to her involvement in The Undertaking. Jean worked hard to defend Moira, and despite things not looking great, Moira was acquitted on all charges. Perhaps Oliver is hoping Jean can pull of the same for him.

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