Stephen Amell Reveals What He'll Do After Arrow Ends

With Arrow coming to an end, it is time for its leader actor Stephen Amell to start thinking about [...]

With Arrow coming to an end, it is time for its leader actor Stephen Amell to start thinking about life after the CW series. Amell became Oliver Queen on Arrow in its first season more than seven years ago. As the team prepares to head back to set, Amell will be playing the DC Comics hero for the final season of Arrow, as Season 8 will be the swan song. So, what is next for Amell after Arrow?

"My first plan, actually, when I moved to LA, I always wanted to buy a house in California," Amell said during a panel at MCM London Comic Con. "My wife and I did in December of 2015. I think that collectively since then, I've maybe slept there, less than 100 nights in close to five years. I just want to have a regular Tuesday for a second. Very, very lucky our kiddo goes to school, it's ike a six minute walk from our house. I just want to have a little bit of time in LA, it's our city. I was there for two years and I sort of put down roots and then I booked Arrow and I don't spend any time there anymore. So, I'd like to spend a little time there."

The next role for Amell might not come in the form of a DC Comics character. If it does, he has an idea of what he would want it to look like. "Part of the fun for me with acting is identifying a job, be it Arrow or any job that came before it for me, and really buckling down and trying to get it. I don't know what that job is but I'm excited," Amell said. "If I'm gonna play a DC character again it has to be a villain because I like villains. Favorite villain? General Zodd."Of course, General Zodd has already played his role in the big screen world of DC Comics and it would be weird for Amell to play any other character in the CW universe surrounding his series. Whether or not Amell returns to DC in any future role is to be seen.

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Arrow's final season will air this fall.