'Legends of Tomorrow' Will Be Left out of Next Arrowverse Crossover

The next Arrowverse crossover will introduce Batwoman to DC's TV Universe - but not all of the current shows will be part of that milestone. While it's no surprise that Black Lightning won't be part of Batwoman's debut, DC fans may be surprised to hear that Legends of Tomorrow will also be left out of the next Arrowverse crossover!

In EW's announcement of the upcoming Batwoman TV series that will follow the character's Arroverse crossover debut, we also got the following confirmation: "EW has also learned that the forthcoming crossover will include Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl — but not DC's Legends of Tomorrow."

While it will be disappointing for some fans to hear that the cult-hit Legends won't be included in the next big crossover storyline, the move does make sense. After all, like her counterpart Batman, Batwoman (aka Kate Kane) is more of a grounded superhero, who gained popularity with comic book fans early on with her hard-boiled Noir crime stories. The character would be right at home in the Arrow series, but it could easily become something of a tonal stretch to fit her with other members of the Arrowverse. Just having Batwoman go up against Team Flash and Supergirl seems like it's already pushing the boundary - throwing in the time-travel fantasy of Legends of Tomorrow into that would either draw too much focus away from the Batwoman character and her story; or force the Legends into a more grounded storyline that kind of invalidates the main appeal of their brand (comic book high fantasy).

Nonetheless, there are some down sides to this choice, which fans will immediately pounce on - the most obvious being the danger that we will not get to see a thrilling fight between Batwoman and Legends captain Sarah Lance/White Canary - or the possible romantic tryst between the two LGBTQ characters. Throw in the possible romantic triangle between Sarah, Kate, and Supergirl's sister Alex Danvers (who hooked up with Sarah during the last crossover), and that's a lot of potential fun being left on the cutting room floor.

Of course, Sarah Lance was an Arrow character before she was a Legends mainstay, so even if that show and team aren't part of the crossover, maybe actress Caity Lotz will be? When last we saw Sarah it was actually on the season finale of Arrow, as she returned to Star City to learn the devastating news that her father, Quentin Lance, had just died.


We'll keep updated as news about the Arrowverse Batwoman crossover event continues to come to light during San Diego Comic-Con 2018, which is now taking place. Arrow, Supergirl, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Black Lightning all return for new seasons in the fall.