Warner Bros. Responds to Roxane Gay's Interest in Writing a 'Batgirl' Movie

Has Warner Bros. already found Joss Whedon's replacement?Last year, DC and WB announced that Joss [...]


Has Warner Bros. already found Joss Whedon's replacement?

Last year, DC and WB announced that Joss Whedon would be writing a directing a Batgirl movie, giving the popular comic character a solo film for the first time. However, things didn't go as planned, as Whedon revealed yesterday that he was leaving the project. The Buffy creator said that he was stepping away because he couldn't come up with the right story to tell.

Just hours later, an interesting Twitter exchange seemingly lined up a potential new Batgirl writer for the studio.

Author Roxane Gay, known by comic fans for writing the celebrated Black Panther spinoff series World of Wakanda, tweeted at DC Comics to offer her talents to Batgirl.

"Hey @DCComics I can write your batgirl movie, no prob," Gay wrote on Thursday.

Not long after, fans were shocked to see a representative from DC and Warner Bros. respond, seeming very interested Gay's proposal.

"If you're serious, contact me," replied Michele Wells, a VP for DC comics and Warner Bros. Entertainment. Wells also included her email in the tweet.

Gay then responded to this saying, "Yes I am serious. I will email you."

It's not often that an offer on Twitter leads to something major like this, but Gay's work speaks for itself. In addition to co-writing World of Wakanda with Yona Harvey, Gay penned the New York Times best-selling essay collection Bad Feminist.

This exchange also proves that Warner Bros. is listening to the outcry from fans regarding Batgirl. When Whedon was revealed to be writing and directing the film, many felt that a female filmmaker should be taking that position instead. Reports regarding Whedon's exit yesterday suggested Warner Bros. was looking into potential female filmmakers to takeover Batgirl, and this exchange shows that the studio is taking that search seriously.

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