Batman V Superman Speculation: Could Darkseid Already Be Targeting Batman?

It seems that Darkseid -- or at least somebody in his orbit -- is going to be the villain in Zack [...]


It seems that Darkseid -- or at least somebody in his orbit -- is going to be the villain in Zack Snyder's Justice League movies.

That's a given at this point, with all the hints we've had up to this point. And at the end of the movie, Lex Luthor tells Batman that something is coming -- the bell cannot be unrung, and all that.

But here's my crazy conspiracy theory: could Darkseid have already made a first move?

While it's easy to focus on Darkseid's connections to Superman, my idea has more to do with Batman.

We've already seen and discussed at some length those creepy dreams in which Superman is a danger to those around him, apparently either under mind control or corrupted to the point where he wants to take over the world.

That got me thinking about an early storyline in the post-Crisis on Infinite Earths Superman books, in which John Byrne sent Superman to Apokolips as part of the Legends crossover event in which Glorious Godfrey, disguised as media mogul G. Gordon Godfrey, was waging an anti-superhero campaign in the media.

(Not entirely unlike what Lex was trying to accomplish by turning the world against Superman in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, I might add.)

Shortly after Superman arrived on Apokolips, Gorfrey's sister Grace -- known as Amazing Grace -- played the part of one of the Lowlies, captured by Darkseid's troops. When Superman came out to save her, he ended up being hurled into the Apokoliptian firepits, which warped his mind. He briefly believed himself to be Darkseid's son, and went to work for the dictator.

Eventually, Superman's memories and personality were restored by a Mother Box -- the same device seen in Cyborg's "origin story" in Batman V Superman -- and all of this feels suspiciously like something they might do once Superman is returned from the dead in Justice League Part One.

Now we come to "this is a meaningless coincidence, unless it isn't" portion of the conversation.

Amazing Grace is a distinctly human-looking character by comparison to most of Darkseid's minions. It allows her to subtlely infiltrate humankind if need be.

...And Bruce Wayne's personal assistant, seen when Bruce was watching news reports about Wallace Keefe.

Of course, with Grace's ability to seduce and influence basically anybody she wants (hell -- she could even be that anonymous woman seen in bed with Bruce Wayne!), it might explain why Bruce was so deeply paranoid and why Luthor commented that it was easy to push him over the edge...!