Batman V Superman's Dead Robin Identity Possibly Revealed

Robin BVS
(Photo: Warner Bros.)

Waner Bros., the company behind Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, might have just tipped its cap as to who Robin is in the films.

"Twenty years in Gotham, how many good guys are left?" #BatmanvSuperman

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Reddit user Vizgauss spotted a post on Instagram from the official Batman V Superman account that featured the quote "Twenty years in Gotham, how many good guys are left?" with the shot we've all seen showing Robin's costume in the case with Bruce looking on.

That in itself is nothing new, but they posted that yesterday, April 27th. That is the same date that Jason originally died in the comics, which was April 27th, 1985. Vizgauss doesn't think it is a coincidence, but others just think it could be them posting a tribute to the fallen Robin, without them actually saying their Robin is Jason Todd.

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(Photo: DC Comics)

Still, conjecture or not, it's interesting, and you can check out the full thread here.