Batwoman: Javicia Leslie Teases How That Finale Twist Will Affect Season 3

Batwoman wrapped up its second season Sunday night on The CW, bringing to a close what was in a [...]

Batwoman wrapped up its second season Sunday night on The CW, bringing to a close what was in a lot of ways a story of major transition Gotham City as well as the characters on the series. The season began with a new hero, Ryan Wilder (Javicia Leslie), taking up the Batwoman mantle after the supposed death of Kate Kane and while it was eventually revealed that Kate (now played by Wallis Day after Ruby Rose exited the role at the end of Season 1) was alive, the season was very much Ryan's story as she moved beyond her past to embrace her role as a hero. However, the finale dropped a serious bombshell about one element of Ryan's past that Leslie says will have a serious impact on Season 3.

Warning: Spoilers for Sunday night's Season 3 finale of Batwoman, "Power", below.

Part of Ryan's history is that her biological parents were both deceased and that she was later adopted by a woman named Cora Lewis who herself was later killed by the Wonderland gang. However, during the Season 2 finale, Ryan visits Alice (Rachel Skarsten) at Arkham Asylum where Alice reveals that Ryan's biological mother didn't actually die giving birth to her and is still alive, a revelation that could be earth-shattering for Ryan. According to Leslie, it's something that will open new doors in Season 3.

"I think I always had a feeling when we started this season that we never addressed Ryan's biological parents and that would always end up being something that gets addressed in a very tricky Gotham way," Leslie told Entertainment Weekly. "Now that we know that there is a possibility or maybe just it is the truth that Ryan's mother, her biological mother is still alive, I just am so excited for Season 3 because this is just a whole [new] world that we'll be able to enter."

It's a world that will come with a lot of questions on Ryan's part.

"If I had to even say how I would feel, the first thing I would want to know is, 'Why did you give me up?'" Leslie said. "So, I think that there's always going to be that thought in the back of Ryan's head, but I think that to know that there's any person that she's blood related to still alive that she could find, I think it would be very important to her. I think that her having a mom, a mother-daughter relationship with someone is very important for Ryan. So, I know that that's probably going to be a huge part of her focus for next season, figuring out if Alice is lying. And if Alice is telling the truth, then finding out where her mother is."

The mystery of whether Alice is telling the truth about Ryan's biological mother isn't the only thing that Ryan will have to deal with in Season 3. The season ended with the various villain trophies that had been taken from the Batcave washing up on shore, including Poison Ivy's vines which then took root and began to grow. While it's unclear if Poison Ivy really will appear in Season 3, the potential is certainly there and Leslie teases the impact of those trophies will be "epic".

"So freaking epic," she says. "Like literally a lot of your epic Batman villains, we have all of their weapons and they've all been released into the river and people are going to find [them] and you're going to find the effects that these weapons have on these normal Gotham citizens and then becoming like these supervillains, and it's just going to be so much fun. I can't wait! I'm excited because we're about to start shooting season 3 and I can't wait to read the scripts and to see where it goes."

Season 3 of Batwoman will premiere on Wednesday, October 13th, at 9/8c on The CW.