Batwoman Recap: Everything You Missed in "Kane, Kate"

The penultimate episode of Batwoman's second season has officially arrived — and it looks like [...]

The penultimate episode of Batwoman's second season has officially arrived — and it looks like it took viewers on an emotional roller coaster. Now that the "revamped" version of Kate Kane (Wallis Day) has begun to really factor into the show, her identity crisis, and the nature of the Batwoman mantle, are sure to go through some evolutions. If you need to catch up on the most essential details and storylines from Batwoman's latest episode, we're here to help. Here are the biggest reveals and Easter eggs from "Kane, Kate." Obviously, spoilers for Season 2, Episode 17 of Batwoman, "Kane, Kate", below! Only look if you want to know!


Batwoman interrogates one of Sionis' security guards, who claims that he's gone underground, but Luke and Mary don't believe it. The three of them try to track down Kate, and Ryan ultimately finds her drinking at The Hold Up. Ryan and Mary take Kate back to their apartment, where Kate recognizes Mary for the first time. The Bat Team decide to give Kate time to heal, and to try to track down Alice for help. Mary finds Alice over Ocean's corpse, refusing to believe that he's dead. Noticing Alice's grief, Mary lies and says Kate is okay.

Ryan argues that Kate has trauma that hasn't been dealt with, but Luke argues that she'll be able to survive it, and offers Kate her old journals and her old motorcycle to help jog her memory. Kate drives her motorcycle to an abandoned TV studio, where she meets Sionis and Safiyah. Kate reveals that she's actually still the Circe persona, and double-crossed the Bat Team to get intel on the Batcave.

Sophie and Ryan talk about Kate's status, and Ryan decides to move out of Mary and Kate's loft, and argues that she probably needs to give up the Batwoman mantle as well.

Sionis recruits Tavaroff and his fellow corrupt Crows to work for False Face, with the help of a massive arsenal of weapons. Tavaroff worries that he's just part of another system, but Sionis offers him the opportunity to "be the machine."

Sophie tells Ryan about the corrupt Crows being recruited into False Face, and she steals evidence of it. When Ryan returns to the Batcave, she finds Luke and Mary ignoring her and spending time with Kate. Meanwhile, Ryan returns to living in her van, and decides to spend the rest of her time as Batwoman to take down Sionis. Suddenly, Ryan is arrested and framed for dealing in Snakebite — and brought directly to Sionis. They both reveal that they know each other's secret identity, and Ryan sympathizes with Sionis about what happened to the real Circe.

Luke and Mary discover that Ryan was set up, and go to Kate for help. Kate, meanwhile, is meeting with Sophie, who is trying to help jog her memory about their romantic feelings for each other. Kate and Sophie go to help Ryan, and Kate agrees to suit up as Batwoman — before hitting Sophie, Luke, and Mary with tranquilizer darts and locking them in the Batcave elevator. Kate makes her way through the Batcave, finding an abandoned meeting room and other paraphernalia used by Bruce as Batman. She finds a case filled with Batman's trophies — including Mad Hatter's hat, Poison Ivy's vine, Clayface's mud, Killer Croc's tooth, Penguin's umbrella, Joker's joy buzzer, and Bane's venom.

Ryan's parole officer refuses to believe that she's been set up by Sionis and the GCPD, until Ryan tells her that she's Batwoman. Two GCPD officers try to attack Ryan and the parole officer, but Ryan fights back, which proves to the parole officer that she's Batwoman. She gives her her keycard to help escape.

Ryan returns to the Batcave and tries to free the team, but is chased by Kate/Circe. Circe threatens to shoot each of the Bat Team with a crossbow, before Ryan intervenes, and the two of them fight. The Bat Team escapes and threatens to shoot Kate with the crossbow, but she leaves with the Batsuit and all of the trophies from Bruce's villains.

Tavaroff and Sionis look over the Batman trophies, and Sionis argues that he's going to succeed where the other villains failed. He provides Tavaroff with vials of Bane's venom. Meanwhile, Circe cuts apart Ryan's batsuit, drawing a scratch across the Bat symbol.

Meanwhile, Alice dumps Ocean's ashes in the sea, and is confronted by Safiyah. Safiyah threatens to kill Alice if she doesn't move on from Ocean's drama, and tells her to come back to Coryana with her, where the cutting from Poison Ivy's vine is going to help rebuild the Desert Rose. Safiyah confirms that she's working with Circe — and, in a roundabout way, that Kate isn't okay. Safiyah argues that she's all the family Alice has left, and stabs her with the Desert Rose dagger, knocking her unconscious until she can get her family back.


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