Batwoman Star Ruby Rose Confirms Series Is Set Before "Elseworlds" Crossover

Fans finally got their first look at the CW's latest superhero series coming this year, with the [...]

Fans finally got their first look at the CW's latest superhero series coming this year, with the first trailer released for Batwoman starring Ruby Rose. The new vigilante decides to take up the mantle of her sociopathic cousin, donning the mantle of the Bat in order to clean up the streets of the crime-ridden Gotham City.

The trailer showed glimpses at Kate Kane's origin story as she embarks on the journey to fulfill the hole left behind by her cousin Bruce Wayne and his alter ego Batman. But fans already saw Batwoman operating out of Gotham in The CW crossover event "Elseworlds," which might lend to some confusion about the new series. Rose, who portrays the titular character, made it clear that this series will begin before the events of Elseworlds.

"It's set way before [Elseworlds]," Rose said to TV Line. "I mean, not 'way before,' that makes me sound like I'm playing a 9 year old. It's set before that. You have to find out how she came to be before we find out about all of those things."

Rose spoke about the tone of the series and how it will likely straddle the line between the fantastical of The Flash and the grounded approach of Arrow.

"The pilot, we did an extraordinary thing," Rose explained. "When it comes to shows like this and you want something that could potentially be otherworldly or in the superhero land, you can risk not being particularly grounded. And I think when you have Gotham and when you have Kate Kane, she doesn't have super powers, it is a grounded show... For us, in the pilot, what I found extraordinary was how much we're going into the relationships and the characters."

Rose went on to explain that the characters will be the focal point of the series, showing how they know each other and how they fit into the world of the Arrowverse, before it starts tackling some of the crazier aspects of the DC Universe.

Batwoman is scheduled to premiere on The CW this fall, airing Sundays on the network.