Ben Affleck Not Sure If Batman Movie Will Have Robin, Anna Kendrick Pitches For Role

Ben Affleck's upcoming The Batman solo film is still in the concept stages, and there is one actress in particular who is angling to get a roster spot in the coveted project, and she isn't being subtle about it.

In a new interview with MTV, Affleck and his The Accountant co-star Anna Kendrick ended up on the topic of superheroes, as Affleck will have to travel to Iceland soon to finish shooting Justice League. Kendrick hears this and lets it be known that she is also down with the superhero genre.

"Can I just say what has two thumbs and loves superhero movies? This it. I love them! Put down that school bus Doctor it."

When she was asked what her next project happened to be, Kendrick used the question to reiterate that she had immediate availability, saying: "I don't know, I have a big hole in the Kendrick schedule. I just wish I knew someone who was directing an action movie and could cast little old me."

At this point, no subtlety existed, but Affleck still wasn't buying it. When the conversation moved to the status of his Batman project, Kendrick went all out, putting on a yellow cape, mask, and the Robin logo.

"Holy coincidence Batman! Any room for a plucky sidekick?"

Affleck was a bit shocked at the expediency of her costume change. "Oh my god, where did you get the cape?" Kenrick's quick rebuttal of "Your mom" is just another in a long line of reasons why she's fantastic. Even if she was an option for the role, Affleck crushed dreams everywhere when he said: "I'm not sure we're having a Robin, so tough luck."

That's cold Affleck...just cold.


There hasn't been a Robin since George Clooney and Chris O'Donnel's Batman and Robin, but Christopher Nolan did reveal that Jordan Gordon-Levitt's character in The Dark Knight Rises did have Robin as his middle name.

You can watch the hilarious clip above, and hopefully, more official news about the anticipated film is released soon.