Ben Schwartz Loves James Gunn and Plastic Man, Says Playing Character Would Be Dream Come True (Exclusive)

James Gunn's era of the DC Universe is beginning. The critically acclaimed director of Guardians of the Galaxy and The Suicide Squad took on leadership duties at the newly-formed DC Studios this past fall, joining forces with longtime producer Peter Safran to take Warner Brothers Discovery's sandbox of superheroes in a new direction. While the lines are still blurry on how hard of a reboot this "Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters" will be, it is known that the upcoming DC slate will feature new actors in the roles of Superman and Batman as well as the introduction of fan-favorites such as Swamp Thing and Booster Gold.

While it's unclear as to which actors will be brought in for any of the new roles, one star is keen on bringing a certain stretchy superhero into the blossoming cinematic universe. Speaking to at the Renfield premiere, Ben Schwartz emphasized his eagerness to play Plastic Man.

"He's my dream," Schwartz said.

Plastic Man is one of the oldest characters in DC's comic library. First debuting back in the 1940s, Patrick O'Brian has the ability to elongate his body and is insusceptible to telepathy. The slick-haired hero often interacts with Batman and the Justice League. He has found his way into modern media across multiple mediums, showing face as a supporting character in the animated series Batman: The Brave and the Bold, the video game franchise Lego Batman, and the film Teen Titans GO! To the Movies.

Schwartz went on to praise Gunn, noting that he is a big fan of the fact that he'll be helming Superman: A New Legacy.

"I love James. I would love to be directed by him in anything," Schwartz continued. "The fact that he's doing Superman makes me so excited."

Schwartz has never been quiet about his Plastic Man love. The Sonic the Hedgehog star has shared images of the character on social media and has occasionally replied to Gunn on Twitter when the topic of the DC Universe's character roster is brought up.

"I have to assume by now, he knows that I would love to play it, but listen, he's got a whole universe to make, so if I ever get to play that character, it would be the actual dream come true," Schwartz added. "I have so many ideas. I just love that character. But if not, I'll be watching."

Schwartz can next be seen starring opposite Nicholas Hoult and Nicolas Cage in Renfield when it hits theaters on April 14th.