'Black Lightning' Recap With Spoilers: "Master Lowry"

(Photo: The CW)

"Master Lowry" begins with cops escorting an overdosing Green Light user into an examination room. The lady is able to escape initially and leads the cops on a chase outside, where she picks up a dumpster and when she tries to throw it at the officers, it's zapped out of the air by Black Lightning.

Jefferson's able to talk her down and stuns her, allowing him to be able to haul her off to safety.

The next day, Jefferson and Gambi are examining the security camera footage from Garfield High on the day of the attack and they're disappointed to find out no cameras captured Tobias or Syonide in the school during the day of the attack. Jefferson reminds Gambi that Khalil is still the key to helping them find Tobias.

Anissa and Jennifer are talking about the latter's house arrest. Anissa won't reveal their parents plans on letting Jennifer go back to school.

Lynn is talking to Agent O'Dell at the ASA and she mentions to him that it feels like he's trying to sabotage her efforts. He reminds her that if he was trying to sabotage her project, she'd have already failed by now.

Jefferson notices metal detectors being installed at Garfield and rushes into Principal Lowry's office to confront him about the situation. The two are instantly at each other's throats.

Jennifer's on a walk when she's stopped by a random woman who knows her name. The woman introduces herself as Perenna and when she shakes Jennifer's hand, the two are teleported somewhere else.

Later that night, Jennifer approaches her parents about the situation and they reveal Perenna is a metahuman therapist recommended to them by Gambi.

Inspector Henderson is investigating the scene of a vehicle burnt to a crisp and they uncovered the burnt remains of Detective Summers. Henderson points out that it was a professional torch job with all evidence removed from the scene, hinting that Summers was probably doing bad things with career criminals.

At the ASA, Lynn is meeting with Dr. Jace, the criminal that O'Dell recommended she hire. It's revealed that Dr. Jace was one of the primary people involved in the initial testing behind Green Light. Lynn offers to try facilitating a visit between Dr. Jace and her son if she agrees to help the ASA.

Jefferson cleans out his office at Garfield.

Anissa shows up to the bar Grace is bartending at, asking to speak with her. The two talk about their past.

Inspector Henderson shows up at the Pierce household to talk with Jefferson about the torched car and he asks for Black Lightning's help.

Tobias orders Khalil to track down an associate that owes them money. Khalil tracks him down but instead of getting the money owed, an upset Khalil ends up killing him in a fit of rage instead.

Jennifer agrees to go speak with Perenna about her problems. Perenna transports Jennifer into her own subconscious as a way to teach her how to control her own powers.

Dr. Jace agrees to help out Lynn on helping heal the pod kids.

Anissa's researching an up-and-coming real estate developer that purchased the clinic she works at and plans on shutting it down. She speaks to Gambi about it and Gambi admits that it looks like a case of money laundering.

Jefferson hunts down the suspect of the vehicle arson and the two have a brief fight before Jefferson overpowers him. The arsonist reveals that a shady-looking man with gauntlets on his arms stopped him in an alley and threatened to kill him if he didn't torch the vehicle.

Jefferson tells Henderson that Painkiller/Khalil is apparently the one to hire the arsonist. Jefferson then goes on to track down Khalil to question him about Tobias' whereabouts. Khalil throws one of his darts at Jefferson and manages to get away.

Tobias is praying at the casket of Syonide when Inspector Henderson and a team of SWAT agents break in and arrest him.

Anissa and Gambi are staking out the exchange of money between the developer and a group of criminals. The two take out the group of criminals and Anissa takes the money to give to her churches pastor to use towards the clinic.


Back home, Gambi's alarm system goes off and when he goes outside, he finds an ailing Kara Fowdy laying on the ground.

Henderson returns to Jefferson's house and informs him that they caught Tobias.