'Black Lightning' Recap With Spoilers: "Exodus"

(Photo: The CW, DC Entertainment)

"Exodus" starts with Jennifer and Khalil remaining on the lamb. The two realize they need money and Khalil decides to extort it from one of Tobias' drug dealers. Khalil steals a bag of cash and tries running out of the club but he's chased by gunmen. Hearing the commotion, Jennifer leaves the car to use her powers to help him out. The two manage to escape unharmed.

The rest of the Pierces arrive at Gambi's shop and work with their thought-to-bed-dead friend on locating Jennifer's whereabouts. Anissa realizes that she's probably with Khalil and Jefferson's irate. Lynn instantly goes to Inspector Henderson to see if the police department can help out.

Khalil's mom returns from work and opens the door to her home to find Tobias sitting inside. He orders her to reach out to Khalil but she refuses, saying he'd have to kill her first.

Khalil and Jennifer arrive at his aunt's house, where they find out news reports are saying Khalil kidnapped Jennifer. Khalil's aunt lets hem stay for the night. Khalil is out unpacking the car and Jennifer decides to call her parents to let them know she's alright.

Jefferson and Anissa hit the streets dressed as their vigilante counterparts trying to get more information. Eventually, the guy at the club spilled the beans on the location they were driving. Jennifer calls Anissa and Gambi instantly starts tracking it. Jennifer tells them she's alright but hangs up before Gambi's able to get a location.

Anissa's upset with Gambi for pretending to be dead. The two argue for a while until Anissa thanks him for helping out during the brief Sange dispute in the woods.

Lynn's a nervous wreck at home when she starts going through the stuff in Jennifer's room. She's frantic and begins throwing things everywhere before Jefferson hears her. She collapses into her husband's arms in tears.

Jennifer's cutting Khalil's hair to help him blend in. While she's cutting it, she notices a bump on the back of his head and tells him to get it checked out because it might be serious.

Lynn gets to bed and Jefferson goes out to talk to Anissa. The two end up fighting and Anissa blames her father for driving Jennifer away.

The next day, Khalil's mom goes to speak with Lynn. She tells Lynn about her sister's house on the outskirts of town and gives her an address, which is then relayed to Jefferson and Anissa.

Tobias is seen hiring a bounty hunter to help track Khalil down.

Khalil and Jennifer are getting ready to leave his aunt's house when the bounty hunter knocks on the door. The lady introduces herself as Detective Conley. The intruder then starts after Khalil's aunt Yvette and Khalil rushes out from his hiding spot to fight the bounty hunter. She gets the upper hand and is about to stab Khalil when she's stopped by Jefferson and Anissa.


Jennifer and Khalil are able to escape into the woods. They're running when Jennifer has an epiphany and realizes that the lump in Khalil's head might be a tracker put there by Tobias. Instead of cutting it out, Khalil asks her to shock him in hopes it'd short it. After much hesitation, Jennifer agrees to do it. It appears the work.

The bounty hunter calls Tobias and tell him her plans were foiled by Black Lightning and Thunder.