Black Lightning Showrunner Had Ideas for Two More Seasons

Black Lightning ended Monday after four seasons on The CW and with the network decided not to pick [...]

Black Lightning ended Monday after four seasons on The CW and with the network decided not to pick up the spinoff series Painkiller, it seems that the story of the Pierce family and those they love as well as that of the city of Freeland has come to an end. However, even with Season 4 being Black Lightning's last, series creator Salim Akil had ideas for Season 5 and Season 6, telling Deadline that he always plans ahead even though the fourth season was the known end of the series.

"We've always had ideas for a Season 5, or a Season 6," Akil said. "We've always had places that we want to go. I always plan like that. I never wait; I'm always thinking about the next season. So, we could have gone on to a Season 5. We've had so many stories to tell because there's so many stories out there. Particularly [with] what's going on in the African-American community now, and the Asian community now, we had stories to tell, and not just political stories. Stories about love, about negotiating relationships, about negotiating yourself and the powers that you have in the world. What do your powers mean to you? Are you so attached to your powers that if you didn't have your powers, in some way, you'd feel less than? I can go on and on."

Akil also suggested that other seasons of Black Lightning could have explored other villains. With Tobias Whale (Marvin "Krondon" Jones III) killed in the series finale, Akil said that he liked the idea of a "Black Joker".

"Of course," Akil said. "I love The Joker. That would be cool, to have a Black Joker."

Of course, Akil may still have the chance to explore additional villains in the DC universe. The Hollywood Reporter noted that while The CW had passed on Painkiller, Warner Bros. TV will be shopping the series to other potential homes, noting that "HBO Max could be a possible destination" for the Black Lightning spinoff. More than that, Akil said he has other spinoff ideas that interest him.

"I think that if there was a possibility, the possibility would land in Thunder and Grace and Lightning," Akil said. "I think that that could be a wonderful show. People would be familiar with the characters, be familiar with their backstory. They would be familiar with their wants, their needs, and their goals. I think that that trio of women are just very dynamic and talented, so I could see something like that, for sure."

What do you think about Black Lightning's ending? Were you have liked to see a Season 5 and a Season 6? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.