Brian Michael Bendis To Pen Year-Long Batman Story in 'Batman 100-Page Giant'

When DC launches their new line of 100-Page Giant comics at Walmart stores in the U.S., Brian Michael Bendis will pen an all-new, 12-part story arc in Batman Giant, marking his first foray into writing the Dark Knight Detective.

No artist has yet been named for the series.

Bendis, who has familiarity with gritty and grounded heroes from his time doing books like Jessica Jones and Daredevil at Marvel, opted to start his DC career writing Superman and Action Comics instead -- but it looks like the opportunity to write a year-long, monthly Batman tale was a big lure.

Interestingly, while Bendis writes Superman for the comic shop market and tackles Batman for DC's Walmart-exclusive titles, Batman writer Tom King will pen a 12-issue Superman storyline.

Scott Snyder, who wrote Batman for years and currently writes Justice League and New Challengers, does not yet have any comics coming from the Giant line, and neither does Geoff Johns, who recently departed his job as chief creative officer at DC Entertainment in order to get back to writing and producing full time.

According to DC's announcement, released this morning, Bendis makes his DC debut on the Dark Knight with a 12-part story, “Universe,” beginning in September's Batman Giant #3.

In the story, "Batman’s run-in with the Riddler leads the Caped Crusader into a mystery that spans the globe."

The first two issues of the Batman Giant series will feature stories written and drawn by veteran DC talent, including Jimmy Palmiotti and Patrick Zircher, who will provide the lead story for #1.

The 100-page giants will each have an all-new lead feature backed by four reprint stories. You can see the official description for Batman Giant #1 below.

Batman is on the case of a missing girl in “One More Chance,” an all-new story by writer Jimmy Palmiotti and artist Patrick “Patch” Zircher. Batman is the world’s greatest detective, but what happens when the trail in his newest case leads him back to a place from his past that he never expected to revisit?

BATMAN GIANT #1 also includes:

BATMAN #608 (2002) – Written by Jeph Loeb with art by comics icon Jim Lee, issue #608 kicks off “Batman: Hush,” one of the most popular storylines in the Dark Knight’s fabled history. When Batman sets out to unmask the mystery character wreaking havoc in his life, he teams up with an unexpected ally (Catwoman) and finds himself facing off against not only his deadliest foes, but some of the toughest characters in the DC Universe, including Poison Ivy, Killer Croc and even Superman!


NIGHTWING #1 (2011) – From DC’s New 52, this story by writer Kyle Higgins and artist Eddy Barrows debuted a new look for Dick Grayson as he dives into a tale of murder, mystery and superhuman evil against the backdrop of Haley’s Circus, the place that started him on his path from acrobat to orphan to sidekick and ultimately superhero!

HARLEY QUINN #1 (2011) – Also from the New 52, writer Jimmy Palmiotti and artist Amanda Conner break Harley Quinn out of The Joker’s shadow with all the force of a giant mallet!