Joseph Gordon-Levitt Shares 'Dark Knight Rises' Throwback Photo With Christian Bale And Tom Hardy

Social media users often use Thursdays as an opportunity to share old photos in honor of [...]

Social media users often use Thursdays as an opportunity to share old photos in honor of "Throwback Thursday," with even celebrities getting in on the action. The Dark Knight Rises star Joseph Gordon-Levitt got in on the #tbt game by sharing a promotional photo for the film featuring himself, Christian Bale and Tom Hardy.

Dark Knight Rises photo shoot w/ Christian Bale and Tom Hardy. #TBT

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The film, which debuted six years ago this summer, marked the final chapter in Chris Nolan's lauded Batman saga, a trilogy which some consider the high point of superhero storytelling. Nolan himself cites that the series' success hinged on the studio allowing him to take his time to bring the films to life.

"That's a privilege and a luxury that filmmakers aren't afforded anymore," Nolan shared with Deadline of his films' years between installments. "I think it was the last time that anyone was able to say to a studio, 'I might do another one, but it will be four years'. There's too much pressure on release schedules to let people do that now, but creatively it's a huge advantage. We had the privilege and advantage to develop as people and as storytellers and then bring the family back together."

By comparison, Ben Affleck has appeared in three different DC Extended Universe films in two years, with rumors claiming he's already preparing to leave the role of Batman behind.

Gordon-Levitt may have been able to share a photo from his experience with the film, but a real-life tragedy has prevented Bale from watching the film in the years since.

"Very sadly, I have not been able to watch that film since because of the whole tragedy of Aurora," Bale told the Happy Sad Confused podcast. "I have not been able to sit down and see it without thinking of that. I'd love to be able to, one day."

At the time, the shooting was the most deadly incident on U.S. soil, up until the Las Vegas shooting in October of 2017. The Aurora shooting also became the most deadly shooting in Colorado, surpassing the Columbine High School massacre of 1999.

What made the tragedy all the more horrific is that the gunman told authorities that he was "The Joker," as he had dyed his hair bright orange, clearly inspired by the popular Batman villain.

The next solo Batman film, The Batman, will be directed by Matt Reeves, yet there's no confirmation of who will play the Caped Crusader.

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