DC Comics Creates New Chinese Green Lanterns

It seems there some new Green Lanterns on the scene, but they aren't going to be what you [...]

It seems there some new Green Lanterns on the scene, but they aren't going to be what you expect.

Spoilers incoming New Super-Man #18, so if you haven't read the issue yet you've been warned.

China's resident Superman Kenan Kong originally started out as a state-sanctioned superhero, but in the years since he's grown into a fully fledged hero all his own. That's led to a bigger sense of independence, especially when he joined up with other heroes like Wonder-Woman, Robinbot, Bat-Man, and Flash, resulting in Kenan and the team officially separating itself from the state to operate independently.

(Photo: DC Comics)

That's fine and dandy for the League, but Ministry of Self-Reliance is not too happy about losing control of their super-powered soldiers. In Super-Man #18, they reveal that they've seen the writing on the wall for a bit now, and show Dr. Omen what they've been working on.

Western-Style heroes are clearly too unwieldy a tool," Ms. Wei says. "The Ministry of Self-Reliance never should have created a League. We should have created a Corp."

Three soldiers walk into the room, brandishing a green, white, and black color scheme with glowing symbols on their chests. They have green visors and are clearly based off of the famous Green Lantern Corps. In all honesty, though they seem much more reminiscent of Manhunters, and they will surely fall more in line with what the government wants and needs.

Fans should see a clash between the two groups in the coming issues. For now, though you can see the spoiler image above.

New Super-Man #18 is written by Gene Luen Yang with art by Richard Friend and Joseph L. Lalich, with covers by Billy Tan and Bernard Chang.

"EQUILIBRIUM finale! Kenan Kong and the Justice League of China have faced so many threats since their debut—but none so great as the forces All-Yang have unleashed! It will take all the New Super-Man of China has learned to defeat All-Yang and the demigod invasion of the west, and our young hero will face a choice: save the world, or save himself. Don't miss this thrilling concluding chapter to see where this adventure ends—and where the next begins!"

New Super-Man #18 is in comic shops now.