One of DC's Most Popular Couples Just Split

When you think DC Comics a few couples stand out. Superman and Lois Lane, Wonder Woman and Steve [...]

When you think DC Comics a few couples stand out. Superman and Lois Lane, Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor, and Batman and Catwoman are just a few that come to mind, and while each of those couples have gone through their hills and valleys to be sure, one couple really had a rough go of it this past week, and it seems their time together has come to an end. While we hope this isn't forever, it does look like it will be the status quo for a bit, and if you're okay with spoilers read on to find out what happened.

If you've been keeping up with Wonder Woman lately you know that thanks to Lex Luthor's recent giving spree, he gave Cheetah a powerful sword that can kill even Gods. That's exactly what she did a few issues ago when she tried to get Aphrodite to let her through a portal through Themyscira, and with the living embodiment of love dead, the emotion of love has also faded from existence.

That's taken quite a toll on the world, causing riots and revolts all over, but it also affects people and their interactions with their loved ones. That is also the case with Diana and Steve Trevor, who have been struggling after love has faded away. Wonder Woman encounters Cheetah yet again in this issue, and while she fends her off she is exhausted afterward.

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She wakes up back and to Trevor, who took her home after being called by Veronica Cale. She thanks him and says "what would I do without you my..." but before she can finish Trevor says "love? sounds strange to say it now."

Trevor then says that there's more to their relationship than just love, including history, duty, and more, and says that plenty of marriages are built on less. Diana asks what he means but then she sees his bags packed by the door. Trevor then says that there were problems before Aphrodite (ones she would've noticed if she were around more), but with her gone, the last thing bonding them together is also gone.

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He picks up his bags and says "I'll always care about you, but I can't keep putting so much of myself into this and getting so little."

With that he leaves, and Wonder Woman is left picking up the pieces.

You can check out the spoiler images above.

Wonder Woman #79 is written by G. Willow Wilson and drawn by Scot Eaton, and you can check out the official description below.

"Must a world without love be one without our hero? Wonder Woman is forced to discover a new way to fight after the destruction of her golden lasso and unbreakable bracelets at the hands of Cheetah and her God Killer sword. How can she possibly stop the unstoppable?"

Wonder Woman #79 is in comic stores now.