DC Releases Trailer for Strange Adventures

DC Comics has released an official trailer for Strange Adventures, the upcoming Adam Strange/Mr. Terrific miniseries from writer Tom King and artists Mitch Gerads and Doc Shaner. The series, which follows the massive success that King and Gerads had on Mister Miracle, centers on Adam Strange, the cosmic adventurer who apparently has his fair share of detractors and a previously-unrevealed dark side. In the series, Shaner will reportedly draw the "official story" of Strange's adventures, a sanitized tale fit for the Silver Age comics in which he originally starred. Gerads will draw a darker, more raw version.

DC shared the trailer, which begins with a live-action sequence depicting Strange (in his costume but only seen from the knees down) watching the trailer on a hotel TV. Such live-action trailers are rare for DC and Marvel's comics, although DC did a memorable promotional video that featured a live-action Parallax in support of Zero Hour years ago.

You can check the trailer out below.

The series by King and Gerads is set to be released ahead of a TV show on HBO Max, also called Strange Adventures, althoguh the two are unrelated. It is not even clear if Strange Adventures, the name of a Silver Age sci-fi anthology from DC, will even feature Adam Strange at all. The character previously appeared in live action on Krypton, where he was a time-traveling screw-up played by Shaun Sipos.

Strange Adventures will be another twelve-issue series, in the similar vein of the work King and Gerads did on Mister Miracle.

"For me, that 12 issues is perfect." King told ComicBook.com earlier this year. "It just ends up being just a beautiful length. You can sit down and read it all in six hours if you want to, or if you're reading it issue by issue, you know that next year you'll get a new one. That's the format I like the best, 'cause to me it just feels like you're writing a novel."


"If you're looking back at my career, over the past four years I wrote Sheriff of Babylon, Omega Men, The Vision, and Mister Miracle." King continued. "Those are four novels. I could give those to anybody off the street and be like, 'This is a novel with pictures in it.' And I think that's important for the industry to have those. There's something nice about having a complete story in your hands, you're like, 'I did this.'"

Strange Adventures #1 will be available in stores and online on