DC's 'Titans': Robin 'Kills' Spoiler in Season Finale Twist

Warning: Major Titans Season 1 Finale Spoilers Follow!The final episode of DC's Titans season one [...]

Warning: Major Titans Season 1 Finale Spoilers Follow!

The final episode of DC's Titans season one is titled "Dick Grayson", and it sees the character of Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites) go on his most challenging mission ever: bringing down his mentor Bruce Wayne / Batman, after The Dark Knight goes on a rampage, killing all of his major rogues.

That mission proves to be more dangerous and deadly than Dick ever expected, and by the time it reaches it's final showdown, Dick has to make a very drastic life-or-death choice! (Final Spoiler Warning):


After Batman breaks into a Gotham City hospital and kills The Joker, he moves on to Arkham Asylum to kill all the big villainous threats to the city, including Two-Face, The Riddler, Mr. Scarface, and so many others. Batman's dark spiral downward finally pushes the Gotham City Police to label him a criminal, and forces Dick to use his police connections to finally reveal that Batman is actually Bruce Wayne under the cowl. Dick leads a police task force to storm Wayne Manor and bring Bruce in - needless to say, that little raid doesn't go at all as planned. Batman slaughters the police S.W.A.T. team, and sets off a series of C4 charges to bring Wayne Manor collapsing down. However, Bruce truly crosses the red line for Dick when he uses Mr. Freeze's Cold Gun to murder Koriand'r.

Batman ends up getting caught under a heavy piece of debris when Wayne Manor comes down, which is where Dick finds him: pinned down in the Batcave, reaching out to Dick for help. However, seeing all the carnage including Kori's lifeless body pushes Dick to the breaking point he's been retreating from all season. In a moment of grief and frustration he tells Bruce that this was what he always wanted from Dick - pushing him into the darkness and having him embrace it. Bringing things back around to the controversial "F*ck Batman" moment of the season premiere, Dick tells Batman he's going to get exactly what he wants: Dick embracing the darkness. With a final "F*ck you Bruce!" Dick stomps down on Batman's throat, crushing his throat/spine, and killing him instantly.

The controversy of this major 'Batman vs. Robin' battle doesn't last very long: As the late, great, Notorious B.I.G. put it, "It was all a dream." Dick's entire trip back to Gotham, and manhunt for Batman, turns out to be a fantasy. At the end of the previous episode, Dick had entered the house where Rachel had just made contact with her father, the demon Trigon; Dick's 'Killing Batman' fantasy is revealed to be a mental test that Trigon put Dick through in order to try and corrupt Dick's mind. When Dick gives in and stomps Batman to death, he gives Trigon exactly what he needs to possess the troubled young vigilante.

Titans season 1 ends with Dick under Trigon's thrall, and the rest of the Titans facing a greater threat from Dark Robin, Trigon and Rachel, than ehy were ever prepared for.

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Titans is now streaming on the DC Universe service, with Doom Patrol set to follow in February.