Brian Azzarello & Greg Capullo Team up for Walmart Swamp Thing Adventure

Halloween is just around the corner comics writer Brian Azzarello and artist Greg Capullo are getting in on the holiday with a Swamp Thing adventure for Walmart.

According to the Washington Post, Azzarello and Capullo are teaming up in the Swamp Thing Halloween Horror Special one-shot that will be available at Walmart stores nationwide as part of DC's series of exclusive 100-Page Giant comics to the big box retailer.

Capullo is known among DC fans for his work on Batman with Scott Snyder but is no stranger to Swamp Thing. He drew the fan-favorite character for the Metal miniseries. Capullo said that when it comes to drawing Swamp Thing -- or any monster for that matter -- he's always game because it's a fun task you can't really get wrong.

"It's monsters, right?" Capullo said. "Any time you draw monsters is fun. Especially because you can't get them wrong.

The story, which marks the first time that Azzarello and Capullo have worked together, will be set on Halloween and involve a fairly classic holiday scare -- witches telling scary tales to kids in the woods.

"It takes place on Halloween -- [DC] was pretty adamant they wanted it to take place on Halloween," Azzarello said. "It's a story of a witch who comes across some kids in the woods and she tells them a story to scare them and Swamp Thing is involved in the story."

In addition to this new story. the book will feature classic Swamp Thing tales, including the character's first appearance in House of Secrets #92 by Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson as well as other Halloween specials featuring the character from Denny O'Neal, Neal Adams, Paul Dini, Dan DiDio and others.

As part of the Walmart-exclusive comics line, DC hopes to reach readers who may not have access to traditional comic shops as well as reach casual fans who can pick up a copy and comfortably read and enjoy.

"I'm really excited about the program," DC co-publisher Dan DiDio told Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette earlier this year, noting the challenges of areas without comic shops, "so it's a great way to get our books into people's hands."

That access to comics is something that Capullo also commented on, hoping that the Walmart books will help everyone access comics.


"Any venue that gives accessibility [to comics] is thumbs up for me," Capullo said.