DC's Damian Wayne Gets a New Costume

DC's Batfamily has continued to grow over the years, bringing more and more spirited vigilantes [...]

DC's Batfamily has continued to grow over the years, bringing more and more spirited vigilantes into its orbit. For a swath of fans, their favorite member of the Batfamily is Damian Wayne, the son of Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul who has grown into a formidable hero in his own right. The latest issue of Detective Comics pitted Damian and his father against an unlikely conflict, one that happened to involve the return of one of Batman's weirdest foes. In the process, the issue served as an interesting milestone for Damian -- by providing him with some new duds. Spoilers for Detective Comics #1032 by Peter J. Tomasi, Brad Walker, Andrew Hennessy, Dave Mccaig, and Rob Leigh below! Only look if you want to know!

The issue opened on Hush reveling in the latest part of his master plan -- kidnapping parts of the Batfamily, strapping them to gurneys, and literally silencing them with the help of a serum that could paralyze vocal cords. Meanwhile, the issue saw Bruce tracking down Damian, after he'd stolen the Black Casebook from the Batcave. He tracked Damian to an observatory tower at the grounds of the Gotham World's Fair, which he'd converted into his base of options.

Bruce proceeded to find a lot of things, including a slew of pictures of Alfred with the Batfamily, which Bruce realized was Damian trying to process his grief following Alfred's murder. As Bruce wondered if Damian could possibly be willing to become Robin again, he was met with an unexpected sight -- Damian wearing a new costume, which followed the lines of his Robin suit in a grey and beige series of tones.

detective comics 1032 damian wayne costume
(Photo: DC Entertainment)

Bruce and Damian then engaged In a fight, which ended in the pair accidentally falling through the grounds of the observatory tower. The pair then agreed to team up to track down Hush, and figure out exactly what he's doing with the Batfamily.

While it's unclear exactly how long Damian is going to have this new suit, its appearance is definitely interesting, and is striking in a way that feels different from the rest of the Batfamily's suits. Depending on the lighting, the suit's uses of grey and pale green almost feel like an homage to Bruce's suit -- albeit with Damian's own unique twist.

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